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Korean visa for foreign students will be tighten

It will be more difficult for foreign students to get a student visa. This is because the number of illegal stay in Korea with a visa for language study has increased. The Ministry of Justice announced on Monday that it will implement the visa system for overseas students, which includes the introduction of a new guarantee system for foreign language students from Vietnam. An official at the Ministry of Justice said, “Although universities were given maximum autonomy in selecting foreign students, universities had poor self-testing of their financial and academic abilities, leading to the growing number of illegal residents.”

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The number of foreigners who illegally stayed with a visa for language study increased from 4,294 in 2015 to 12,526 last year, nearly three times in three years. Sixty-nine percent (8,680) of those who stayed illegally on language training visas last year were Vietnamese.

Korean visa for foreign students will be tighten

Accordingly, the Ministry of Justice will introduce a guarantee system for foreign language students in Vietnam. A Vietnamese student has submitted a certificate of deposit balance for studying in Korea that his or her parents’ account is worth 9,000 dollars. Foreign study brokers in Vietnam used the money in the name of students, submitted a balance certificate, and immediately withdrew the money and lent it to other students.

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The Ministry of Justice has strengthened conditions for Vietnamese and Korean commercial banks to subscribe to financial instruments with a suspended payment method of 5 million won every six months, and to submit balance documents with a deposit of 10,000 dollars.

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