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KPOP Easy Lyrics! KPOPers! Having trouble pronouncing Korean lyrics?

As KPOP has gained worldwide popularity, the Korean language is naturally receiving the attention of many foreigners at the same time.

Fans who want to know and comprehend KPOP singers’ Korean lyrics better search their lyrics on YouTube. Some of these videos, titled EASY LYRICS, have more than 100 million views. The lyrics introductory videos of popular groups around the world, including BLACKPINK and BTS, have a really high number of views, even though only the letters appear in the video.

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The EASY LYRICS video shows how to read Korean lyrics in English(Roman letter). There are also videos written in Japanese for Japanese fans. The videos introduce how to pronounce Korean lyrics correctly in a foreign language. Usually, there are videos that attach colored photos of the members so that viewers can recognize which member is singing the very line.

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If you are a foreign fan who is interested in K-POP, you might once have thought of coming to K-POP camp in Korea. We, HaB Korea used to host a camp with a very famous KPOP Academy, but the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for foreigners to visit Korea. However, as the situation in Korea is getting better, the number of K-POP fans visiting Korea is gradually increasing.

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K-POP Camp Apply Here

If you can’t come to Korea right at this moment, don’t be frustrated! You can still learn Korean songs through YouTube. But wouldn’t it be more helpful to watch videos that teach you how to read Hangeul along with notation because there is a limit to learning only by looking at letters? In fact, there are classes at the K-POP camp where native Korean speakers teach foreign participants how to pronounce Korean lyrics properly.

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