KPOP Girl group PINK FANTASY, if we topped the Billboard

KPOP Girl group that uses new concept mysticism has emerged. It is a girl group wearing a rabbit mask.

Recently, in various online communities, a girl group wearing a rabbit mask is attracting KPOP idol fans.

KPOP Girl group PINK FANTASY, if we topped the Billboard

Their group name is PINK FANTASY, a newcomer who debuted with their song “iriwa” in October last year. The members are Aini, SeeA, Heesun, Yechan, Arang, Yubin, and Harin, as well as a hidden member Daewang.

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KPOP Girl group PINK FANTASY, if we topped the Billboard

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One of the eight members is wearing a rabbit mask. Daewang ‘the Great King’ is the main character, and her profile is unique as well.

Born on December 25, 2189 on Christmas Day, Daewang’s hobby is mask play. Her special ability is to control and disappear pink pants. She is 200 centimeters tall, including her rabbit mask ears.

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Even in the album jacket, the real face is covered with a mask, and Daewang is performing without taking off her real rabbit mask.

Even fans don’t know her real faces, but Daewang promised to reveal her mask and reveal true face if they topped the Billboard charts.

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