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KPOP Training Camp

Challenge yourself to your possibilities! Get dance and vocal training like a real KPOP trainee. Applying KPOP auditions and do your best performance, you may get a chance to be the next KPOP idol!



The Best KPOP Camp in Korea

During the KPOP camp, you will be given more than one actual audition opportunity, and if you are selected from the audition and spend your trainee period successfully, you may debut as a KPOP idol.

Meet the best KPOP mentors for your dream!

BEST KPOP Camp Programs

KPOP Camp is collaborating on building the singing and dancing talent of people who dream of becoming KPOP stars for auditions in Seoul, South Korea. The Kpop camp program is crafted by top dancing and singing trainers in the Kpop field, with a specific focus on helping you understand the KPOP style of dancing and singing. KPOP trends have been changed fast and you won’t survive in business unless you keep abreast of trends.

We have provided the largest number of training programs to KPOP idols and entertainment companies in South Korea. They educate anyone who prepares to become singers, dancers, and actors! 

This KPOP camp program is for you

I have auditioned many times, online and offline. I think I’m good at singing and dancing. Becoming a performer and a Kpop star has been my dream since I was young. I ‘ve practiced dancing and singing to Korean music a lot for my auditions. So why do I always fail my auditions?

kpop camp
Kpop Training Camp Trainee

It still doesn’t feel real. I always have to ask my mom. I was like, ‘Am I actually here, and I’m training?’

As an idol, I want to be a role model to those who support us. My role models always were there for me in times that I needed, to help me be able to really prove I can do things in life. So I want to be able to give that back to those who support me as well.

Alena Smith

I appreciated that everyone from the teachers to the CEOs and Vice Presidents and even staff members helped me to improve on me as a singer, dancer, and an individual.

Nina Tran
Kpop Training Camp Trainee

KPOP Training Camp

You can approach it strategically with us. We will find your best voice and movement!

1. Learn from KPOP experts

You will learn the most trendy KPOP style of dancing and singing from the experts. Also, You will get the best KPOP training system with the KPOP camp.

2. Experience evaluation and auditions

You will have a chance to attend the final evaluation day and get real feedback from the KPOP experts. Also, you will have audition opportunities with the KPOP entertainment companies. (Multiple entertainment companies can be joined on the audition day).

3. Experience a professional studio

Each KPOP academy has a professional recording studio. You can record your own voice with music like real KPOP singers.

4. Experience Korean cultures and more!

During the camp, you can experience various activities to experience and learn Korean culture. You can also apply for extra dance & vocal private lessons and basic Korean language classes that focus on simple communications and correct the pronunciation of the lyrics.

Daniel KimCEO of HaB Korea

Trained many famous celebrities in Korea!


KPOP Training Camp

“Your dream becomes a reality!”

2% Entertainment Music Production Program

With a strategic partnership with 2% entertainment, you can make your own KPOP song and distribute it to major music platforms! Through this program, you will receive a song composed by a KPOP music producer. During the program, you will be trained and record your song and finally release the song.

2% Entertainment

2% Entertainment is a company that produces and distributes comprehensive content such as music, video, image, emoticons, webtoons, and animations, and performs business areas in all areas of content-related fields, from content production to service distribution to promotion marketing.

Producing your own KPOP song and distributing it to global music platforms means the same as debuting a singer! The small difference is that there are no fans who celebrate your debut. However, if your song is a hit, you really become a star! 

KPOP Training Camp

You can approach it strategically with us. We will find your best voice and movement!

Academies where the KPOP camp is held

  2% Entertainment  
Media Rooms, Performace Rooms, Recording Rooms


  OneBeat KPOP Academy  
Media Practice Rooms, Performace Rooms, Recording Rooms


  Sand Factory  
Media Practice Rooms, Performace Rooms, Recording Rooms, Lobby

Big John’s Place in Gangnam

  Entrance View  


  Dormitory Room  


  Guesthouse Garden  
Korean BBQ and Hot Tub Spa are available

NVee (Florence Alena Smith) was born on October 1, 1999, in the United States and lived in Utah. She prepared for the audition(Cygnus Project 2) through the KPOP camp in 2022.

Through dancing and singing classes, we break up our daily schedule to give students a well-rounded understanding of the field

Vocal and Dance small group lessons 4 times a week(2 classes each) + 1-hour Recording class + Group Practicing at the studio + Self practicing at the practicing rooms + Final evaluation and feedback

KPOP Camp Sample Schedule
4 Weeks KPOP Camp Sample Schedule

Camp Fee does not include Flight Tickets, Airport pick-up & send-off services, general living expenses, and passport or visa fees

👉 Normal schedule(Based on the 4-week program): Check-in one day before(Sunday) your training camp start, the whole training finished on Wednesday of the 4th week

⭐ Actual audition opportunities with Korean entertainment companies(possibly one or two times according to their audition plan)

⭐ KPOP training sessions are conducted individually or in small groups only

⚡ Camp fee including accommodation costs(Guest house dormitory room)

Personal lessons(Dance and Vocal) are taught 1:1 by actual KPOP trainees who are about to debut. In addition to 1:1 lessons, you can learn actual trainee experiences and audition know-how. This lesson may not be possible depending on the trainee’s debut schedule or training plan in the trainee’s entertainment company.

If you seriously want to become a KPOP idol in Korea, fluent Korean language skills are essential. You can add private Korean lessons that can learn accurately pronounce the lyrics of KPOP songs and understand its meaning also, practical Korean conversations.

FAQS for the KPOP Camp

Frequently asked questions

Can I debut as a KPOP idol after completing the KPOP camp?

It’s possible if you’re good enough to be like BTS trainee level 🤓😅. (In fact, if you’re that good, you don’t even have to apply for this KPOP camp anyway. Because the agency will pick you first for sure.)

You know, it takes five years for the average trainee debut of the three major entertainment companies in South Korea. Of course, trainees here refer to people already selected through auditions by entertainment companies!

Even the trainees selected for the audition make their debut with an average of more than five years of bloody effort. However, if you pass the audition by those entertainment companies and become an official trainee, all expenses, including training, food, accommodation, etc, will be invested by entertainment companies until your debut.

Through this KPOP camp, you will have the opportunity to test your possibilities and learn the actual conditions of the trainee the entertainment company wants.

During the KPOP camp, you can apply for actual auditions while receiving guidance from a professional trainer. Who can tell? You might really be selected as a trainee and become a KPOP idol someday.

You may not be able to Big debut as a KPOP star after being selected as a trainee by a large Korean Entertainment company such as Big Hit, SM, YG, JYP for an average of five years or more, but you may make a small “debut” by producing your own music and distributing it to global music platform sites. 

We have had a strategic partnership with 2% entertainment recently, with the ‘2% Entertainment Music Production Program’ you can make your own songs and distribute them to major music platforms.

How to select KPOP trainees by major entertainment companies in South Korea?

Most of them are selected through auditions. Auditions are basically divided into open and irregular recruitment. Public auditions include the agency’s own and survival methods conducted nationwide through broadcasting programs.

SMYGJYP Entertainment, the three major agencies, has been conducting their own auditions, and not long ago, they have been selected as survival audition programs such as “Superstar K,” “K-Pop Star,” and “Produce 101.”

In addition, irregular auditions are held at all times. There are many forms. They visit idol talents known in the region in person and audition with the recommendations of reliable people.

They also give audition opportunities to those who courageously knocked on the door of the agency with resumes.

Global auditions will also be held overseas to match the status of K-pop spreading around the world. YG established YG Japan in 2007 and entered Japan, and in 2012, YG Asia was established in Hong Kong and used as a base. Foreigners go through global auditions.

After a successful debut, how much money they can make?

Top idol groups such as BTS makes hundreds of millions of dollars in a year.

The CF appearance fee is about 500 million won to 1 billion won per case. However, this is limited to very few idol groups. In fact, nearly 80% of KPOP idol groups leave quietly without success.

In the process, entertainment agencies that have invested a large amount of money in forming groups and producing albums may suffer losses of around USD 1 million dollars. Fortunately, even if it succeeds, it takes two to three years to make a profit.

This is because agencies that have invested a large amount of money must recover it and distribute profits generated by each member. For example, let’s say there is a five-member group that makes USD 3 million dollars a year. Of the 3 million dollars, at least 1 million dollars per year is required to maintain the group, including costumes, hair, makeup, vehicles, and meals, in addition to the album production cost.

If the remaining 2 million dollars is divided by the agency and the members at a ratio of 4 to 6, the members’ share is 1.2 million dollars. If the money is distributed equally to five members, it will be about 240,000 dollars per person.

In this case, it is equivalent to more than 150 million Korean won (38% tax rate) according to the tax base rate, and nearly 100 million Korean won(about 90,000 US dollars) must be paid in taxes during the comprehensive income tax payment period in May of the following year. In the end, idol singers do not take the profits shown in the article as they are.

Do I have to be good at speaking in Korean to become a KPOP trainee?

It’s very obvious, but the better you speak Korean, the more helpful it is in every way.

At least you should be able to say “hello”, “goodbye”, “thank you”, and “okay” in Korean.

Since you have to sing a lot of Korean songs when you become a trainee anyway, studying Korean in advance will help you understand Korean culture well and make friends.

If you want to improve your basic Korean, you can also apply for basic Korean private classes during the KPOP camp.

KPOP Entertainment company Audition 
Actual audition opportunities with Korean entertainment companies(possibly one or two times according to their audition plan)

KPOP Recording Session 
A professional recording session will record the song you want in a professional studio with a music producer. It will be held in the last week of the KPOP camp, and the recorded song will be delivered to you after the mixing procedure.

⭐ KPOP Training Camp Fee:



USD 2,500


Accommodations + Vocal & Dance small group lesson 4 times a week(2 classes each) + 1-hour Recording class + Group practicing at the studio + Self practicing at the practicing rooms + Actual KPOP Audition opportunity


KPOP Camp(Most Popular)

USD 4,500


Accommodations + Vocal & Dance small group lesson 4 times a week(2 classes each) + 1-hour Recording class + Group practicing at the studio + Self practicing at the practicing rooms + Hanbok Snap Photo & Video shoot + Actual KPOP Audition opportunity + Dance video filming



USD 3,500


Accommodations + Vocal & Dance small group lesson 4 times a week(2 classes each) + 1-hour Recording class + Group practicing at the studio + Self practicing at the practicing rooms + Actual KPOP Audition opportunity

⚡ Important Note: The KPOP auditions are available according to the schedule of each entertainment company. So, the auditions may not be available if there are no auditions by the entertainment companies during your period. 

Please visit the application page and fill out the form! 

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