Lotte World Halloween festival "He's BACK 2017"

Lotte World Halloween festival

Lotte World Halloween festival “He’s BACK 2017” is held for a total of 66 days from September 1 (Fri) to November 5 (Sun), the autumn season festival <Horror Halloween 2: He’s BACK>, where Lotte World Adventure drove the hot winds of last year. Cute Halloween is a fun day and night for everyone, and after 6 pm, a full-blown horror Halloween will be held in various places throughout the park.

The biggest feature of the Lotte World Halloween Festival is that any people who are afraid including child can feel the atmosphere of Halloween. The main parade with the pumpkin decoy indoor adventure, cute and charming halloween ghost, The LOTUS Halloween Party Parade, the musical show consisting of Dracula and human love and conflict with exciting rock & roll music and dance, Dracula’s Love, <Let’s Dream> Night Parade is full of dynamic performances including cuties.

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Lotte World Halloween festival

However, after 6 pm, when parks slowly sink into the darkness, the horror of Lotte World is revealed on the surface of the water. Big Daddy, who injected himself with zombie viruses last year, and his zombies, have become more powerful viruses, expanding beyond the zombie outdoors and expanding indoors to give the most fear.

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Lotte World Halloween festival

The variety of horror attractions and performances that are available only during the Halloween festive season make both eyes clutter. Especially, ‘Bumpercas’ on Magic Island is transformed into Large Hunted House, Big Daddy’s Zombie Factory. Can Big Daddy escape safely with the concept that you have to escape from the dead zombie factory that kidnaps people and makes them into zombies?

Also, the ‘Sindbad Adventure’ attraction is replaced by the Zodiac Tunnel of Bloody Tunes (Zodiac Tunnels), and the GyroDrop 2 VR: Zombie Drop, which is a new version of Zombie VR content, swallows screams.

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