Lotte World "Mask Festival:color blossom" 2018

Lotte World Adventure theme park will be held “Mask Festival:color blossom” from March 17  for 93 days colorful parade of spring festival.

Venice Mask Festival and the fantastic fairy-tale heroine to ‘Fantasy Masks Parade’ in harmony is the main parade unfold the Venice masquerade, fairyland fantasy, African natural world as a theme. Venetian gondolas, colorful medieval wagons and more than 100 actors wear a masquerade mask, a lion, a peacock, and a mask that symbolizes animals.

Alice in Wonderland, Alice riding a Cheshire Cat, white rabbit, twin brothers and emerging sub-parade featuring an exciting dance party ‘Fun! Fun! Alice’s performance should not be missed.

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Lotte World "Mask Festival:color blossom" 2018

Garden stage in including Dorothy, the Wizard of Oz character and Pinocchio, Peter Pan, etc. fairytale friends wishing to enter the mysterious looking masks family musical show leaves the adventure ‘Mask of mystery fairyland’ performances and exciting rhythmic playing the female band to Oz The ‘Broadway Band Show’, which can be heard live, unfolds and the spring comes more cheerfully.

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The inside of the park was decorated with colorful rainbow colors using masks, paintings, balloons, flowers and lollipop candy. Especially, it is possible to accumulate memories with the unusual photos of spring scenery created by various places such as the meeting plaza, the carousel front plaza, and the Kiddie zone.

‘Mask Festival: color blossom’ Seasonal Specials Self-Studio is a Lotte World version of ‘Life Photo Studio’, which has recently become a hot topic. It is a concept studio that takes pictures of life, which is a picture that is well taken out for a lifetime with professional cameras and lights.

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With color, flower, decorated with various themes such as family, Specials Self-Studio(Korean: Geuleol Ssajingwan) is expected to attract much popularity as a cultural space where people from all ages in their teens and thirties, from the younger generation to the family, feel free to enjoy it. If you want to take pictures of your own beautiful and unique style, let’s take advantage of the ‘Specials Self-Studio(Korean: Geuleol Ssajingwan)’ located on the 4th floor of the Adventure.

A variety of food items and products are also available for the spring season. Cherry blossom Aid, flower cupcakes, strawberry latte such as color stands out spring scent as food and beverage menu, cute character goods.

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