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  • Foreign tourists to Korea grows in March

    The number of foreigners who visited South Korea rose 10.7 percent on-year in March, ending 12 straight months of decline, data showed Monday, as the government pushes to diversify the country’s tourist portfolio in the face of a plunge in the number of Chinese visitors. The total number of inbound visitors came to 1.37 million last month, up from 1.23 million a year earlier, according to the data from the Korea Tourism Organization. It marked the first on-year increase after the number of Chinese tourists visiting here began to tumble in March 2017 amid a diplomatic row between Seoul and Beijing over the deployment of a U.S. missile defense system in South Korea. A total of 13.3 million foreigners visited +

  • Special Evening Admission to Seoul’s Royal Palaces 2018

    A special sight of Korea’s 500 years old cultural heritage under a fascinating night sky will be available to visitors thanks to the “Special Evening Admission to Seoul’s Royal Palaces.” The Cultural Heritage Administration announced that it will hold a +

  • How to analyze your personal color by yourself – Korea Beauty Trend

    How to analyze your personal color Personal color is to find the unique color of the individual and to produce an image in the same tone color as the skin color of his / her own skin. There is a +

  • Seoul + Hanbok + Photography

    Hanbok photography tips With hanbok gaining attention worldwide, wearing hanbok is earning a reputation as a must-try activity to do in Korea. Several hanbok rental shops as well as tourists walking in gorgeous hanbok are a common sight at Korea’s +

  • Imagine a day when I operate North Korea tour packages

    The ‘4 · 27 South-North Summit’ came close enough to be counted in both hands. On the wall of the Seoul Library, there was a spread of the phrase “Peace Made by the South and the North.” Hundreds of flowers +

  • Hanyang University will be held International Summer K-POP Camp

    Hanyang University is a private research university in South Korea. The main campus is in Seoul, and the second one, the Education Research Industry Cluster at Ansan, or ERICA campus, is located in Ansan. Hanyang (한양;漢陽) derives from the former +

  • Winner chosen as model for Talk Talk Korea 2018

    The Korean Culture & Information Service (KOCIS), part of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, announced on April 18 that it has designated the four-member pop group Winner as its official campaign model for the global Talk Talk Korea +

  • The Seoul Journal

    This will be hard to fit in one post, but here goes. For the past three and a half days, we have been in South Korea. Seoul to be exact. You might think that that’s a short time to visit +

  • ‘1890 Namsangol Night Market’ will be re-open on 5th May

    Seoul Namsangol Hanok Village will re-open a new themed tourist product ‘1890 Namsangol Night Market’ from 2 pm to 9 pm on the 5th of next month (May 5th). The Namsangol Hanok Village Night Event is scheduled to take place +

  • Enjoy Gyeongbokgung Palace more special

    A special sight of Korea’s 500 years old cultural heritage under a fascinating view in Gyeongbokgung Palace. Gyeongbokgung Palace was the first and largest of the royal palaces built during the Joseon Dynasty. Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace was located +

  • How to write good article on habkorea.net

    Hey, affiliate writer of HaB Korea,  Your article is probably one of our company’s most valuable marketing tools. You use it to build trust with our customers, generate leads, educate consumers, and build brand awareness. So, if a reader tells you your content quality is poor, that comment will probably +

  • How can we shop as cheapest as possible in a duty free shop? – Korea Travel Hacks

    How can we shop as cheapest as possible in a duty free shop? Today, we will analyze the duty-free discount system step by step. Book Your Custom Private Shopping Tour in Korea Dokkaebi(Goblin) Shooting Location Day Tour – Seoul Area Descendants Of The Sun + DMZ Tour 1. ‘Membership required’ +

  • Airplanes and Airport – Korea Travel Hacks

    What if it could be a once in a year or a once in a lifetime moment? Travel could be one of the tops on that list. The start of this trip is to get on the plane from the airport to your destination safely and comfortably. Everything is the +

  • How to makeup like a Korean woman

    Following Korean drama and KPOP song, ‘How to makeup like a Korean’ emerged as the new runner of ‘Global Korean Wave’. Makeup like a Korean woman It is already known that among the Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asian women who came to Korea early on, there was a craze to +

  • An Ultimate Experience in Korea

    Experience Everything in Korea Life get’s boring when you start to do the same thing over and over again. We create our own lives, we are born with a huge canvas in front of us, paintbrushes, and a palette of paint in our hands. We get to decide what to +

  • How to write a review on habkorea.net – Guide to Writing Helpful Reviews

    Writing Helpful Reviews for us! Your reviews are highly appreciated and will help us improve our ability to serve you and other users of our service. Your little effort can make a lot of improvements for us and other users. Take 5 minutes to write a review for us. We +

  • HaB Korea earned a Certificate of Excellence 2017

    World biggest travel community site TripAdvisor has announced “Certificate of Excellence 2017” today. HaB Korea has been selected as one of the Certificate of Excellence 2017 winners. As a result, HaB Korea was honored to receive TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for three consecutive years. Certificate of Excellence was founded in 2010, honors +

  • 10 Actions of People who are “Good” in Travel – Planning Korea Trip

    You can not say that you are good at traveling just because you like to travel and do a lot. There are a few things you need to have in order to be a ‘good traveler’. Below are the actions, how many things you are you doing? 1. Do not +

  • How to go to Nami Island and Petite France for Budget Travelers

    How to go to Nami Island and Petite France Nami Island and Petite France could be the most popular tourist spots for those who visit Korea from overseas. Many travelers and tourists use one of those tour packages from travel agents offer. Korea Photography tour Nami Island and Petite France +

  • The best Korean food picked by foreign tourists

    Best Korean food picked by foreign tourists Do you like Korean food? If you ever been to Korea which Korean dish have you enjoyed the most? The Korea Culture and Tourism Institute said that it conducted a survey on about 9,000 foreigners who left Korea. Let’s take a look at +

  • To be a part of HaB Korea as an Affiliate Writer

    Love sharing your thoughts? Love creating interesting contents?   Are you looking for a way to monetize the loyalty and readership of the writers who appreciate your post day in and day out? HaB Korea is offering a unique Affiliate Writer program that could be one of our family. You can +

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