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  • I hope food can boost inter-Korean relations

    Bibimbap mixed rice with meat, and some greens with an eobok jaengban (어복쟁반) boiled meat platter.’ These are the menu items that Director Yoon Sook-ja of the Institute of Traditional Korean Food has recommended that the leaders of the two Koreas eat during their upcoming 2018 Inter-Korean Summit. “This boiled meat platter is a North Korean dish. All the ingredients, including sliced and steamed meat, mushrooms and other vegetables, are placed in a large brass bowl and boiled together. You can enjoy it with soy sauce for dipping. Bibimbap is an iconic South Korean dish. All the different ingredients are mixed together so that you can share and enjoy it together and become one,” she explained. Yoon was in charge +

  • Successful finishing of ‘Incheon Festa 2018’

    Incheon Metropolitan City and Incheon Tourism Organization has hosted the “Incheon Festa 2018” festival organized by the Korean Red Cross Incheon branch on Saturday, April 14. Incheon Festa is the largest in Incheon donation culture festival hosted by the Incheon +

  • Korea, glory as kimchi nation

    Kimchi is a representative dish in Korea, but the country has been marking a trade deficit as cheap versions produced in China have been increasingly taking a bigger share in the market. In response, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and +

  • 2018 SUZY Asia Fan Meeting Tour – WITH –

    Suzy will host the ‘2018 SUZY Asia Fan Meeting Tour – WITH -‘ a fan meeting tour in four Asian regions from May 12 in Taipei to May 26 in Hong Kong, June 24 in Bangkok and July 7 in +

  • Korea’s new concept screen sports theme park ‘Legend Heroes’

    The new concept screen sports theme park ‘Legend Heros Gangnam’ has exceeded 50,000 visitors in seven months since launching. Legend Heroes is a new type of play space where IT and sports combine to provide a variety of screen sports +

  • A weekend in Seoul and animals in Zoos

    Time sure flies when you are having fun. I have been in Seoul for over a month now but it seems like a week. So much to see, so much to do, so much work to get done. The past +

  • Korea offers free Wi-Fi on public buses

    South Korea will provide free wireless Internet on public buses across the country later this year, the ICT ministry said Friday, in a move to give citizens better access to the Internet and reduce their phone bills. Free WiFi zones +

  • Korean Bibimbap Bliss

    The best place to get the best of anything is at the source. You want the best pasta? Go to Italy! You’re looking for the best pad thai? Visit Thailand! The best sushi? Duh, Japan! So it’s no surprise that +

  • The best places for Korea hanbok tour

    Korean Hanbok is general trend now. Gwanghwamun, Bukchon Hanok Village and other major tourist attractions in Seoul, you can meet the traveler wearing a colorful hanbok. In the palace which is considered to be the epicenter of Hanbok culture, it +

  • Enjoy Korean royal confectionary in Gyeongbokgung Palace

    The Cultural Heritage Administration and the Korea Foundation for Cultural Properties announced that they will show ‘Gyeongbokgung Palace Saenggwabang Program’ for about 8 months from April 4 to November 30. With lovers, friends, and families looking for Gyeongbokgung Palace as +

  • A place you don’t want to miss when you visit Korea

    The garden of morning calm About 1 hour and 30 min driving from Seoul, there is the place where the fairy tale light land called ‘The garden of morning calm”.  The garden of morning calm is one of the top tourist attractions for both local and foreign tourists. This place +

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