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Match your hair color with your personal color – Korean Beauty Trend

Recently, personalized hair dyes based on personal color are becoming popular. As a result, a lot of people including Beauty Celebs are trying to do personal color dyeing.

However, for some people, because they have no clear concept of personal color, dyeing may fail, and sometimes it can not even be attempted.

It is not difficult to find a personal color for yourself. In this column, I will show you how to distinguish personal colors and how to dye your hair accordingly.

Let’s start with the concept of personal color. Personal color is a concept that focuses on a person, not a popular or general concept. In other words, the color of the skin color tone according to the individual who wants to dye hair color.

Korea Personal Color Analysis

Knowing personal color can make each individual’s natural beauty more prominent through color matching with her own body color.

So how do you know your personal color and how to apply it to hair dyeing?

First, the skin is distinguished into a yellow warm tone color with a warm feeling and a cool tone blue base with a cold feeling. Once you know only this sequence, you only need to assign the color of the dye.

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It is also good to set your own personal color selection, but it is best to ask your acquaintances about their skin tones for more certainty.

Basically, warm tone skin looks good with Cooper and Beige, and cool tone skin looks good with Esh, Pink and Violet.

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Korea Personal Color Analysis

Color matching warm tone

Copper, burgundy

Healthy and sexy, orange-based color fits well with dark skin tone and tanned skin.

If you choose a dark color, the face can be dull, and a too-bright color makes dark skin tones look darker. At this time, applying a toned-down brown type of Cooper color can achieve a luxurious and elegant overall feeling.


The more dull skin the hair color tones down, the worse the skin and trouble (red skin or acne blemish) become more visible. Beige or light color is recommended for the color that can disperse the sight to much dull skin and cover the defect.

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Korea Personal Color Analysis

Color matching with Cooltone


Asian hair has a lot of red melanin pigment, which is popular because it neutralizes the red color. In addition, it creates a chic atmosphere, it can produce an urban image and a sophisticated feeling, making it suitable for both men and women.

However, because the ash color can be seen to be duller than the yellow color of the face, it can complement the yellow color by using ash and violet or ash violet with pink color, or ash pink in warm tone skin.

Pink, Violet

As oriental people have a yellow color fundamentally, pink or violet color makes the face look lively and bright. However, it can be burdensome to use alone, so mixing pink or violet with ash or brown can make your skin tone look a little brighter and more transparent.

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