May Donald Trump visit to the heavily fortified DMZ during his visit Korea?

May Donald Trump visit to the heavily fortified DMZ during his visit Korea?

Trump and Kim Jung-eun

US President Donald Trump will visit South Korea on Nov. 7 to 8 for one night and two days, the Asahi Shimbun reported on the 16th.

The Asahi newspaper quoted sources as saying that President Trump will hold a summit with President Moon Jae-in during a one-night, two-day visit to the United States, and will speak at the National Assembly as a state guest. When President Trump’s speech to the Korean National Assembly came to an end, he was the seventh of the US presidents and only 24 years since 1993 Bill Clinton.

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In this visit, President Trump is expected to comment on US policy toward North Korea and US – ROK relations.

However, it was observed that inspections of the DMZ would be held for safety reasons. The South Korean government is reportedly recommending a plan to visit the US base in Pyongtaek (Camp Humphreys) in Gyeonggi Province as an alternative.

US presidents have visited Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama since President Eisenhower’s visit to the DMZ during the Korean War in 1952. His father, President Bush, also visited US troops near the DMZ. In fact, all US presidents since Reagan visited the DMZ.

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Meanwhile, Trump will travel to five Asian countries including Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines from March 3 to 14 next month. The Ashihi newspaper reported that President Trump will visit Japan from November 4th to 7th for three nights and four days and then move to Korea after staying in Korea for only one night and two days.

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