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Introducing Meet Your Korean Oppa and Unni

The easiest way to make your unforgettable local experience your way!


Fun HaB Korea

Any activity you want

Just like you do with your local friends
This is not a tour, we focus on your interests

Meet the Locals as Your Friend

The easiest way to make your unforgettable local experience your way


Korean Oppa and Unni

Pretty fun as it contributed with the experience

Quite surprise and overwhelmed being the first individual who experienced their new customized service. I’m really satisfied with the service as you will associate with them like your normal friends back home. Very convenient as there’s no specific time to go to the places like the other tours.

Flight Attendant

We are focusing on your interests

Just like you do with your local friends

easy booking

Easy to find your perfect local mate

We Make it Easy for You

For your unique local experience that can not be defined simply because you are one of a kind.


Fun HaB Korea

Any activity you care about

Things You Like to Do

Make your Korean Friend

Korean Clubbing Experience

How about going to Hongdae’s famous club with your local Korean friend we found for you? He or she will be about the same age as you are, and have similar interests. 

Korean Foodie activity

Korean Foodie Experience

If you are like foodie goer, you can just ask us that demand. We are going to find right one just for you. He or she may not a tour guide but you can feel at ease just like with your friend at home. 

Backpacking activity

Backpacking experience

Of course, you are the expert of backpacking, but sometimes you may need someone to stay with you and get local things together. If a friend like that is a local, that would be much better. 

outdoor activity

Outdoor Experience

We know you are an outgoing personality and adventurous type of person. You need a someone just like you. We are going to find right person just for you.

Learning together

Learning something

You are always passionate and crave new knowledge. Okay, we respect that! You will find new things in Korea and you may want to find someone who can be with you. 


Your own activity

Okay, we get it! You are the expert of your own adventure of local experience . Just tell us what you want to do, we are here to help you to find right person as you wish. 


  • The arrangement would take some time to meet your requirement, recommended request 2 weeks prior to your plan to visit.

  • We don’t provide any illegal activities via this matching service.  

  • This is not a dating matching service

  • Your matching is not a tour guide, he or she could help your Korea trip or activity as your local buddy.   

Based on Seoul Area and Day time activity

Basic Pricing

Half Day

4 hours

up to 4 people 


per group

up to 4 people

Full Day

9 hours

up to 4 people


per group

up to 4 people

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