New AR app to enhance sightseeing at Changdeokgung Palace

Visitors to the Changdeokgung Palace Complex in Seoul, a compound designated UNESCO World Heritage, can receive guidance on various areas of the castle using augmented reality (AR).

New AR app to enhance sightseeing at Changdeokgung Palace

The Changdeokgung management office at the Royal Palaces and Tombs Center of the Cultural Heritage Administration and SK Telecom on July 28 released the 5G, AR-utilizing app dubbed Changdeok AR-irang.

Slated for launch next month, the app can be used on a smartphone at Geumcheongyo Bridge, located between the palace gates of Donhwamun and Jinseonmun, to see the imaginary animal Haechi narrate stories about sections of the palace.

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New AR app to enhance sightseeing at Changdeokgung Palace

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In addition to providing explanations on 12 viewing areas of the palace, the app provides situational plays based on history at buildings within the compound, royal court dances and traditional games. Thus users can experience the royal court culture of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) using AR.

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The app also enables photo taking using AR images of the king and queen in front of the throne facility Injeongjeon Hall, as well as offer a 360-degree view of restricted sections of the palace such as the area within Huijeongdang Hall and the rear Secret Garden.


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