New year countdown events around the world

New year countdown events around the world

One of the most exciting ways to greet the New Year is “countdown”.

People gathered at the New Year’s Eve attractions start counting down from 11:59 pm. At the same time as the New Year begins, the fireworks burst and the night sky fills with a magnificent fireworks display.

Let’s meet the colorful countdown event all over the world from Taejongsik in Korea to Time Square drop of time ball.

New year countdown events around the world

Korea, Bosingak

Bosingak, National Treasure No. 2 is located in Jongno, Seoul, and is a famous new year’s favorite spot in Korea. Every year, people from all walks of life gather here to sing 33 bells and pray for the health, happiness, peace, national prosperity and national reunification of the people and wish for the happiness of the New Year. The slogan of this year’s event will be ‘A Sound of Hope, Opening the New Year of the Republic of Korea’.

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New year countdown events around the world

Japan, Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch, the theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki, is the largest countdown event in Japan. It reproduces the scenery of the Dutch streets on a 1.52㎢ wide site, so that you are in a happy illusion of greeting the new year in Europe. In the center of Rotterdam, where the performances of famous singers are performed in two parts, Japan’s largest fireworks display is held.

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New year countdown events around the world

Hong Kong, Victoria Harbor

This year’s countdown is the largest ever. The theme is “Magical Star Dust”, which decorates the night sky with laser shows and fireworks. The viewing spot is Kowloon in front of the Hong Kong Cultural Center, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and Hong Kong Island in the Central Harbor Front and Central. Visits are free.

Also at the Tsim Sha Ferri Pier, Australia’s famous performers (Strange Fruit) performances will be held to raise the atmosphere. The show was also shown at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

New year countdown events around the world

Singapore, Marina Bay

In Marina Bay, you will find countdowns as well as plenty of fun-filled experiences. The Promontory and Bay Front are equipped with the ‘Prudential Marina Bay Carnival’, with over 40 playgrounds for all ages, from roller coasters to water slides. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of installation art, music and food to satisfy the eyes, ears and mouths of visitors. The float @ Marina Bay is the closest you can see the countdown. Here, an outdoor market is opened to enjoy shopping and outing, waiting for the fireworks display.

New year countdown events around the world

Germany, Brandenburg

Brandenburg in Berlin was the borders of eastern and western Berlin during the German division and became a symbol of Germany with German reunification. On the eve of the New Year, the long boulevard is packed with diverse dishes, musicians from all over the world and their live stage, counting down and numerous fireworks illuminating the German night sky.

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New year countdown events around the world

Sydney, Australia

The countdown to the New Year, along with Sydney Harbor Bridge, a symbol of Australia, sparkles the sky with colorful fireworks. There are about 100,000 firecrackers, and more than a million people crowd with great music and hopeful shouts.

Another highlight is the work of art (bridge effect) shining in the middle of the Harbor Bridge. Every year, designers come together to create works with new themes, which remain secret until the countdown, and Australians play games every year.

New year countdown events around the world

New York, Times Square

It is well known in Korea as a place where singer Psy sang ‘Gangnam style’ in 2012. Usually crowd starts at 3 pm, but police officers may close the street early for road traffic and safety reasons.

The peak of the New Year event falls into a crystal ‘Time Ball’ with a countdown. The time ball weighs about 5 tons and is 3.7 meters in diameter. On the 31st at 11:59 pm, the countdown to a million people crowded over 60 seconds on the rooftop of Times Square building slowly falls. At this time, about 1 ton of colored paper is scattered and a fanfare echoes. After the fall, Frank Sinatra’s song “New York New York” is ringing and the New Year’s event is over.

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