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The Korean movie ‘Taxi Driver’ was selected as a representative work of Korean movie to the 90th Academy Awards in Foreign Films. The foreign language film sector, in which ‘Taxi Driver’ is shown on the Academy film, the biggest filmmaker in the United States since 1929, can only register one copy per country, which adds...
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China banned group tours to Korea. Part of much visible economic retaliation against Seoul’s decision to deploy the THAAD missile defense system. Beijing’s action hit the local tourism industry hard. However, Korea has a knack for bouncing back and finding another way in such trying times. Book Your Real KPOP activities & Concerts Book Your...
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Seoul is regularly featured in overseas publications as a travel destination. Highlighted are the city’s unique services and facilities implementing the latest technologies. Standing head and shoulders above the rest is the capital’s subway system. Find Your Subway Tour Mate in Seoul Get Discover Seoul Pass Card  Book Your Real KPOP activities & Concerts Most...
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