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Noodle Diplomacy – Pyongyang Naengmyeon for Inter-Korean Summit 2018

Pyongyang Naengmyeon

On CNN, the United States introduced the North Korean Pyongyang Naengmyeon, which was selected as the main food for the North-South summit meeting on April 27 2018. The directors tasted the dish and reported that the dish would be an important part of the “food diplomacy” between the two Koreas.

The CNN broadcast on the 26th (local time) reported on the North-South summit starting at 9:30 am at the South branch of Panmunjom, introducing the main dish of the ” Currently, Korean singer Lee Ji-yeon, who is working as a chef in the US, invited her to make cold noodles and the anchors also tasted it.

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CNN explained that the cold noodle is an important food for North and South Korea’s “Noodle Diplomacy,” followed by a description of cold noodles in Pyongyang. Pyongyang Naengmyeon as the original cold noodles. It is a major food of North Korea and a famous food throughout the two Koreas, and emphasized that it is a food that acts as a bridge of inter-Korean relations at this summit.

okryukwan pyongyang naengmyeon

According to media reports, Kim Jong-un said: “I’ve been checking news and people are talking about food a lot. So I brought some Pyongyang cold noodles for President Moon to enjoy. Pres Moon, please feel easy and have some delicious Pyongyang noodles that we brought.” Another translation suggested he also joked that the noodles had been brought “a long way… ah, we probably shouldn’t say it is far”.

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Naengmyeon is noodles in a chilled meat broth, topped with beef brisket, pickled radish, sliced cucumbers and half a boiled egg. Moon had requested that the dish be on the menu at the banquet, and asked Kim if he could bring a takeaway batch from a famous Pyongyang restaurant, Okryu Gwan.

North Korean officials were happy to oblige, the South’s presidential office said, adding that North Korea had even sent a chef from the restaurant to prepare the dish.

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