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North Koreans Pyongyang Naengmyeon

Residents of the North Korean capital Pyongyang are seeking relief from the heat wave sweeping the peninsula at a cold noodle restaurant beside the Taedong River, North Korean propaganda website DPRK Today reported Thursday.

The Okryu-gwan, or Okryu Restaurant, is famous for its cold noodle called “Pyongyang naengmyeon.” It is crowded all year round, but has been witnessing up to triple the number of customers a day during the sweltering conditions, the report said.

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Pyeongyang naengmyeon is a buckwheat noodle dish served with cold chicken, beef or pork soup. Chopped pear, cucumber, kimchi and slices of chicken, pork and beef, together with a boiled egg, are placed on top of the noodles.

North Koreans Pyongyang Naengmyeon

Vinegar and mustard sauce come with the dish, which is served in brassware to “stimulate appetite,” the report said.

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The Okryu restaurant boosted its reputation in South Korea after the inter-Korean summit in April. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s remark that he brought Pyongyang naengmyeon to treat President Moon Jae-in triggered a “cold naengmyeon craze.”

A pop-up store, “The 1st Okryu-gwan,” was run by chef Yim Jung-sik on July 6 at Incheon International Airport. Broadcaster MBC covered the event.

Source: The Korea Times

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