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Oh my ‘Gat’ – Korean Traditional hats in hit Netflix

Oh my 'Gat' - Korean Traditional hats in hit Netflix

The success of Netflix’s Korean zombie series “Kingdom” overseas has fueled heightened global interest in and demand for traditional hats worn by the characters.

Men from the Joseon Dynasty era (1392-1910), the period in which the series is set, tied their long hair in the hairstyle sangtu every morning and wore hats that indicated their social class, occupation and occasion.

When noblemen and scholars headed outdoors, they wore the heuklip, better known as a gat, and the jeongjagwanwhen indoors. Bureaucrats wore the samo when working and military officers the jeonlip; the king or crown prince wore the ikseongwan to work.

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Oh my 'Gat' - Korean Traditional hats in hit Netflix
Fans of “Kingdom” talk about these hats when mentioning the series on social media.

“Please watch Kingdom on Netflix, It’s about zombies and fancy hats. Please I beg you.” said Twitter user @shafira_bella. “This is Walking Dead and Game of Thrones politics meet Korean culture.”

Oh my 'Gat' - Korean Traditional hats in hit Netflix

Another Twitter user, @suggestivecacti, said, “Kingdom on Netflix is very good, and also has excellent hats. Just another thing Korea does better than everyone else.”

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Such buzz has fueled sales of the hats on Amazon. One seller named “Korean Drama Kingdom Hat Chosun Dynasty Traditional Hats” in four types: heuklipjeongjagwan, and hats worn by pojol (police officers) and their captain.

A related item is the white silk robe dopo, another piece of clothing worn by Joseon men. Its seller recommends wearing it as a Halloween costume.

Source: Netflix, Amazon, Korea.net

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