Sightseeing and Eating Korean Local Foods is not enough to make you feel like a local in South Korea. When visiting the country one of the must-try things to do is to wear their Korean Traditional Dress or popularly known as Hanbok.  You will be having an extraordinary feeling of euphoria while wearing it. It will make you feel the rich and magnificent history of Korea’s culture, tradition, and its people.

Our K-Drama-like Photos While Wearing Hanbok are Awesome!
A rare photo of a warrior who wears Nike Shoes!

If you are a fan of K-drama or Korean TV series, it is sure that you will feel very happy wearing it. You can choose a variety of colors, designs, and versions of Hanbok. From traditional dress up to the modern touch of Hanbok. You can look like a king, a queen, prince, princess, warrior or just a simple citizen who live a hundred years ago.

Our K-Drama-like Photos While Wearing Hanbok are Awesome!

Our K-Drama-like Photos While Wearing Hanbok are Awesome!
The Three Princess and The Warrior

When I had visited South Korea, wearing Hanbok is one of my request to my sister to try on. My sister lives in Korea with her Korean Family, so she brought her Filipino friends with her. According to my sister and her friends, they are living in Korea for a couple of years but they still did not try to wear one. So, thanks to me they had the chance to wear it.

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Our K-Drama-like Photos While Wearing Hanbok are Awesome!
Who Will Take the Warrior’s Heart?

For girls, there are colorful, customized and accessorized Hanbok. They even have a lot of hair dresses. Also, on our Hanbok Rental Shop in Jeonju, there is a free make-up for the ladies. For the boys, there are kings, prince and warrior styles of Hanbok. There are also props available you can rent like the warrior swords or umbrellas.

Our K-Drama-like Photos While Wearing Hanbok are Awesome!
The Warrior of Love

We did super enjoy creating different drama-like poses while wearing Hanbok. Since near the Hanbok Rental Shops, there are Korean Traditional Houses where you can take photos while having the vibes of being a Korean.

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This place is in Hanok Village, one of the tourist’s attractions in the City of Jeonju, province of Jeolla-bukdo. This is one of Korea’s most beautiful place to wear a Hanbok!

Our K-Drama-like Photos While Wearing Hanbok are Awesome!

It is one way to travel back in time. A great opportunity to have a glance of Korea’s history while having an extraordinary experience in foreign countries. Also, a peaceful and creative way of exchanging cultures and respecting each other’s tradition.

Since I also do love film-making, I had created a short movie for it, to make the Hanbok wearing very worth it. Also, my way of preserving the fun and memorable moments in South Korea. This short film is a Fantasy-Action-Romance movie.

Starring me (the warrior), my sister (the princess) and her Filipina Friends (extras). I even speak Hangul in the video but not so sure if it is correct, I just translate it from google! Here it is, I hope you like it!

Our K-Drama-like Photos While Wearing Hanbok are Awesome!

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