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'Paparazzi snaps' concept photo getting popular in Korea

The freelance photographer who takes candid photos of celebrity is called paparazzi. These days, however, a Korean-style paparazzi photographer who looks like them and doesn’t seem to be is rising in Korea. Their modality is like paparazzi in terms of sneaking, but not paparazzi in terms of taking money in advance.

As “paparazzi snaps” have become more popular than “set-up photos” at a photo studio, more people are asking for “paparazzi” to take natural pictures. Snaps taken by the ‘hired-paparazzi photographer’ give them fun ‘discovering themselves.’ The culture of taking new pictures in Korea alone is currently progressive.

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'Paparazzi snaps' concept photo getting popular in Korea

The advantage of a paparazzi snapshot is natural, of course. Most people are even embarrassed to stand in front of a camera. Plus, it is even harder to pose like this and that while looking at the camera. Since the snaps of paparazzi are taken at least 20 meters away, their facial expressions and mood will be different from those of studios taking pictures three or four meters in front of them. Since the filming location is not a hard, closed space, but a living place such as Samcheong-dong and Olympic Park in Seoul, the subjects can naturally melt around. Even though people who do not like to take pictures could feel that they are capable of taking a picture in the crowd think that they are not aware of the camera.

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Photographs are one of the powerful ways to express oneself. We live in an era where ‘the same commemorative pictures like as two peas’. Somewhere they meet, “paparazzi” seems to be slowly entering the mainstream, as well as photographers on the street trying to approach them with communication, with the public wanting to take out of bluff on their photos. As natural as the pictures they took

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