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Personal color consulting is popular nowadays in Korea

Personal Color

There are many cosmetics in the world, but cosmetics that are perfect for me are hard to find.

Personal color consulting is popular nowadays in Korea because the first impression becomes a great competitive power. A professional color consultant will coach a makeup technique to find a color that matches well with a person’s unique body color. Personal color refers to the unique color of an individual, and if you know the color that is right for you, you will be able to produce a more distinctive look through clothes and cosmetics.

We have the color we have from birth, such as skin, eyes, lips, hair color. Personal color is combined with the color of the body that you have, which further raises the image.

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Color affects and harmonizes with body color. So if the color fits well, it will flourish, but if it does not fit, it looks fuzzy and draws its drawbacks.

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warm tone and cool tone

Personal colors are divided into Yellow-based Warmton and Blue-based Kulton, which can be divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Also, many people know that ‘the color is very diverse’, but you can also see the color as warm and cool tone.

Even if you think of the same color, if you compare two colors directly, you can see that it is different. If you know the tone of your skin, it is a good idea to compare it when you buy clothes.

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The personal color may vary in certain circumstances. If you do a lot of dyeing and tanning in your diversion, you will get a feeling that the cosmetics you used before are somehow out of place, feel like faceless time to time. This change in color can also change the impression. Therefore, when your personal color analysis, you will be asked not to make-up if possible. (or you will be asked to remove your make-up before the session)

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