Ethan Brooke - Photographer and blogger, Seoulinspired

Ethan Brooke

Photographer and blogger, Seoulinspired



My name is Ethan and I am a photographer based in Seoul. Originally from New Zealand, I came to Seoul two years ago to study at university. While here I have grown my passion for photography and it always challenges me to take better photos and explore the city. This has given me a lot of knowledge about Korea, and I have come to love Seoul, for both the good and not so good aspects. 

I am fluent in English as I am a native speaker and communication in English will be of no issue. I want to provide the photos that you imagine, and I am open to many different styles and themes. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss the details further.


2018 - Present
Photographer and and blogger, Seoulinspired


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