Popular Autumn tourist spot, Seoul Land

The number of tourists visiting Seoul Land is increasing. The chrysanthemums in full bloom in autumn, Seoul Land is full of yellow, red chrysanthemum, star-shaped large flower bed, filled with yellow, red, pink, etc.

In addition, tens of thousands of chrysanthemums are gathering in various parts of Seoul Land, such as in front of the east gate and a red windmill area. The colorful chrysanthemum blends with the beautiful scenery of Cheonggye Mountain and gives a feeling of seeing a watercolor of a width. Here, you can enjoy the deepening autumn feeling by adding the fragrance of chrysanthemum which is passed on by the autumn wind.

In the clear and sunny autumn weather, colorful autumnal leaves are shining in the interior and exterior of Seoul Land. We will recommend three kinds of autumn leaves outing course to 4km drive road leading to the National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul Gwacheon Reservoir Walking Path, and Seoul Land rides.

Popular Autumn tourist spot, Seoul Land

◇ Course 1. Take a map of Seoul Land rides

Seoul Land is a place where you can see colorful leaves from the mountains to the park at a glance. You can also enjoy viewing the maple leaves while riding in the rides. When you ride the Skyex, a 50-meter-high playground, you can get close to the sky, feeling as if you are flying to the autumnal forest of Cheonggye Mountain. The roller coaster ‘888’, a rollercoaster racing at a fast pace, is a fun alternative to enjoy the colorful colors of autumn leaves while riding a ‘Rainbow bike’. The Seoul Land foliage is expected to climax in early November.

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Popular Autumn tourist spot, Seoul Land

◇ Course 2. Autumnal tunnel drive from Seoul Rd.

This road leading from the circular road to the art gallery on the outskirts of Seoul Land is a drive course with superb colored leaves. The trees are covered with foliage on both sides of the road, forming a foliage tunnel. You can search the National Museum of Contemporary Art or Seoul Land East Gate for navigation and follow the signs.

Seoul Land

◇ Course 3. Gwacheon Reservoir A walkway along the walkway

There are two ways to see autumn leaves along the Gwacheon Reservoir promenade. It is a way to walk along the reservoir or sit on an elephant train. It takes about 20 minutes for general adult walking and 5 minutes for the elephant train. It is popular as a place to go out in the autumn, with the leaves and trees hanging along the reservoir, a reservoir in front of you, and Seoul Land and Cheonggye Mountain in the back.

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In addition to this, Seoul Land is holding the ‘October Beer Party’ in October Beer Zone, which will be able to enjoy the deep autumn night and music on weekends by November 5th. Halloween special barbecue menus complete with cool draft beer and oak fires are available, and live music performances such as ‘Halloween Beer Concert’ are held in the autumn night.

Popular Autumn tourist spot, Seoul Land

The highlight of the October Beer Party is the DJ show! Octopus on Air ‘opens at the red windmill stage, and there is an outdoor family EDM party where the whole family can enjoy the memories from the 90’s to hip-hop and funky electronic. There is an extraordinary stage for the kids’ nightclub night concept. It focuses the attention of many people. A load performance “horror matchmaking time” is also prepared for enjoying a comical encounter with a wonderful single male and female ghosts.

Animal Kingdom 2017, a nighttime performance filled with powerful performances and spectacular performances at night, blossoms in autumn nights.

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