[PyeongChang Winter Olympic] Dutch skater Sjinkie Knegt defends himself

[PyeongChang Winter Olympic] Dutch skater Sjinkie Knegt defends himself

[PyeongChang Winter Olympic] Dutch skater Sjinkie Knegt defends himself

PyeongChang Winter Olympic short track men’s 1500m award ceremony The Dutch short track skater Sjinkie Knegt, whose middle fingers have become controversial, explained what was really happened.

Sjinkie Knegt, who attended the 1,500m short-track men’s awards ceremony at the PyeongChang Medal Plaza in Gangwon Province on February 11, actively explain ‘misunderstanding’ about the controversy over ‘middle finger gesture’ after wearing a silver medal.

In the group photo taken with the mascot “Soohorang” doll, Knegt was in the process of picking up his fingers in his right hand.

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Knegt’s “middle finger” controversy occurred because there was a ‘previous conviction’. Four years ago, in 2014, he made a “middle finger gesture” against Viktor Ahn(Ahn Hyun-soo), who became a Russian citizen at the ISU European Championships.

[PyeongChang Winter Olympic] Dutch skater Sjinkie Knegt defends himself

Sjinkie Knegt could not defeat Viktor Ahn over winning the championship and Sjinkie Knegt was unable to hold back his anger, he made middle finger to Viktor Ahn at that time. This act was eventually disqualified for the European championship.

“I also looked at the picture, but it was just holding a present,” said Knegt, who is centered on the controversy over ‘middle finger swearing’ “It just looked pretty bad on the picture” he denied his action. Sjinkie Knegt also said, “I did not intend,” and “I am very happy to have won the medal and enjoy this moment. I will concentrate on the next game.”

On the other hand, Lim Hyo-jun, who won a gold medal the first PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games in Korea at 1,500m, will go on the men’s 1,000m qualification on the 13th and go on the second gold medal in the final scheduled on the 17th February.

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