Rain's 'The Unit' vs YG's 'MIXNINE'

Rain’s ‘The Unit’ vs YG’s ‘MIXNINE’

The unit and mixnine

Another good thing about watching the Survival Audition program is the gem-like appraisal of judges. KBS2 ‘The Unit’ was broadcast on the 28th and JTBC ‘Mix Nine’ on the 29th each. It has been widely publicized since the broadcast that the group consisting of 9 men and 9 women were selected through survival and decided to make their final debut with a confrontation, but it showed differentiation from the detailed program composition.

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One of them was judged by the judges. ‘The Unit’ was screened by seniors, centered on singer and actor Rain and Yang Hyun Suk, who is ‘Mix Nine’, screened alone. As the ‘Unit’ has already survived the debut of a former and current idol, and ‘Mix Nine’ started survival for the trainees of each agency, the judging criteria used by judges also revealed different colors and purposes.

the UNIT

# Encouraged by rain and mentors … ‘The Unit’

Immediately after the ‘The Unit’ broadcast, audiences expressed regret that the criteria for judging judges were rather vague. Hwang Chi Yeol, Hyeon Ah, Taemin, SanE, Cho Hyun-ah, etc., did not make biting remarks and focused on warm encouragement. It showed encouraging and comforting rather than putting juniors who will recover through ‘The Unit’ as targets of evaluation. Most audiences in the audition program will be able to grasp audiences ‘standards based on the judges’ point of view, and the ‘The Unit’ has been said to have become less tense of survival due to the warm encouragement of the seniors. The unit followed the evaluation that it was somewhat disappointing because it was hard to hear concrete advice that would actually help them.

However, if you take a closer look at these audits, you will find that the audition program that gives them the opportunity to re-evaluate the value and potential and re-create the representative unit of Korea. Rather than presenting a solution for evaluating the performance of former and current idols, it is aimed at re-examining the true value.

Rain also said “Even though audition program judges have been invited, I did not want to evaluate anyone, but once I heard the idea of ​​’The Unit’, I think I could help them. The Unit is not a place to evaluate them, but a program that will give them a chance to show their ability again”

In fact, Rain did not forget to say “Thank you for your courage” to the participants the stage throughout the broadcast.

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Since the idol of ‘The Unit’ has already debuted, it did not reveal the difference of dramatic ability as the ‘Mix Nine’ trainees. Of course, Idol such as Spica Yang Ji Won and Big Star Feeldog, who is well recognized among them, showed their true worth and attracted attention. In addition, the new actor Lee Jung Ha showed a difference in performance while showing a stage that was somewhat embarrassing, but the common point of the successful applicants was ‘attractive’. The judges were disarmed by the attractiveness of their juniors who moved people’s minds and did not hide their cheerful smiles all the time. As many of the idols that have already debuted have already been seen, it is likely that they will be able to re-discover the idol that moves the hearts of their seniors and audiences’ judges first,


# Reversal of Dad’s smile … ‘Mix Nine’ biting remarks

If the judges of ‘The Unit’ observe and encourage and comfort their juniors based on their skills, Yang Hyun Suk, as the one of the most successful KPOP producer, gained attention by evaluating the present and possibility of the trainees calmly. In addition to the charm of the ‘The Unit’ judges, they also presented the criteria for becoming a complete idol, such as singing skills, dancing, stage manners, and looks, and evaluated the practitioners of each agency.

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At the agency where the girl group trainee showed off, they encouraged them, and when they watched the stage they had prepared, they showed affection such as smiling a sweet father. But Yang Hyun Suk also showed a calm attitude and said “It is vaguely trimmed” to the practitioner Baek Hyun Joo, who was recommended by Bae Yoon Jeong, in the Yamaen-Hot Chicks.

Also said to Lee Jae Joon, who has made his debut in the past, in the company’s banana culture with producer Sinsa-dong tiger. “You do not have much to go back to, what did you do for six years? Yang Yang Hyun Suk kept his criticized attitude to Nam Yoo Jin from another agency, Base camp referred to as the second IU, “Your voice is not that unique in general.” For Brave Entertainment’s trainees, he did not hesitate to say, “I do not see you the charm as a group.”

‘Mix Nine’ is a survival entertainment program that examines the lines and perspectives of Yang Hyun Suk, the producer of the group Big Bang, Winner, iKon, and girl group 2NE1, and Black Pink, who represents KPOP these days. As the ‘producer Yang Hyun Suk’, his ability as the producer goes up to the test stand together. This is also why, at the time of the production presentation, he said, “I approached and criticized like a producer and a partner, not as a broadcaster.” as he said, “I wondered if I could apply the color of YG to other professional trainees for 10 years ago” it is likely to become a point of future observation how the trainees who have gone through the systematic education system and YG’s production know-how will change.

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