Recommended autumn travel site in Korea 2018

The autumn season, where the whole country is beautifully colored with various colors, is approaching nose. Autumn is the best time to travel, because the weather is good and it is good for outdoor activities, and you can meet beautiful scenery created by red leaves and yellow ginkgo everywhere. Also, in autumn, the large day-to-day difference makes it possible to see the magnificent clouds over the mountains in the early morning, and the fantastic water fog on the waterfront, making it a popular season for photographers.

Then, let’s find out when the autumn foliage season will start in 2018 when you can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves.

Recommended autumn travel site in KoreaFall Foliage forecast map (data by K-weather)

If you go to the Meteorological Agency website in the middle of September every year, you can see the autumn maple season of that year by referring to the first maple map distribution of the year and the expected maple map.

Except for North Korea, the beginning of Korean maple leaves is generally based on Mt. Seorak. The fact that the peak of Mt. Mt. Seorak started was when 20% of the mountain tops began to fade with the maple leaves. This year, As the beginning, the colored leaves will start to be colored throughout the country, and it can be predicted that the leaves will spread to Wando, Jeollanam-do by the end of October.

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Fall in the Metropolitan Area

The maple leaves in the metropolitan area start from the middle of October and are expected to peak at the end of October. First, the mountains in Bukhansan, Mt. Gwanak, Namsan and Cheonggye in nearby Seoul can be a wonderful place to visit. Youosan, Yongmunsan, and Myungjisan in the suburbs of Seoul are also recommended.

And it is a place where you can see beautiful and beautiful leaves. It is a place where you can see the beautiful leaves in the Olympic Park, Ginkgo Road around North Gate, Lotte World Seokchon Lake, Seoul Forest, Yangjae Citizen’s Forest, Incheon Grand Park, The royal tombs of Changgyeonggung, Changdeokgung Palace, Deoksugung and other nearby palaces are also very good autumn leaves. Also, if you want to take pictures of the beautiful dawn fog that can be seen mainly in spring and autumn, it is good to go to the head of Yangpyung in Gyeonggi early in the morning.

Incheon grand parkIncheon grand park

Seoul Olympic ParkSeoul Olympic Park ginko forest

GyeongbokgungGyeongbokgung Hwangwongjeong

Autumn comes first, Gangwon-do

Gangwon-do is the first place in Korea where autumn is the first. Gangwon-do has many beautiful mountains filled with colored leaves, including Mt. Seoraksan and Odaesan. Among them, would like to mention the Nami Island of Chuncheon and the Ginkgo Forest of Hongcheon.

It has been hidden for 25 years. The ginkgo forest of Hongcheon, which was opened a few years ago, is also called the mysterious forest. Since the opening, many photographers and travelers have never stopped visiting.  Also, Mt. Bangtae, which is always tied up with the Hongcheon ginkgo forest, is the best place to see the foliage. You can see beautiful scenery from all over the valley including the famous 2 steps waterfall.

Nami Island in Chuncheon is a popular destination for people who are turning into a lot of national highways on weekends. It is recommended to go on the first day in the early morning before people are driven, enjoy the misty Nami Island, and get out before the car is blocked.

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Hongcheon ginkgo forestHongcheon ginkgo forest

Injae BalagtasanInjae Balagtasan

Nami IslandNami Island

A lot of things to see, Chungcheong-do 

Water is clear and mountainous and there are many beautiful places such as Mt. Songnisan, Mt. Gyeryongsan which is a well-known national park in Chungcheong province.

A large zelkova tree standing on a yellowish ripe golden plateau is one of the picturesque places in Chungbuk. It is considered as one of the best autumn photo attractions in Chungbuk and among the photographers, Mungwon Reservoir, Chungcheongnam-do, Hyangchungsa and Ginkgo roads are not to be missed.

It is also recommended to go to Songho tourist area of Yeongdong, Chungbuk province, which has become a camping site after the camping craze. It is also a good place to visit Ginkgo trees and different maple trees.

Youngdong songhoYoungdong songho

Goesan Mungwang reservoirGoesan Mungwang reservoir

Boeun Wonjeong-riBoeun Wonjeong-ri

Gyeongsang-do to meet autumn with traditional culture

Gyeongsang-do is also home to many beautiful autumn attractions, including the Gyeongju Line, which leads to Bulguksa Temple, Bomun Jung, Samryeong, Yangdong Village, and Anapji. Among the photographers, Cheongsong’s principal place of origin is Jusanji, and Cheongryang Mountain in Bonghwa, and Andong, where tradition is still alive.

Among them, Chungsong’s main destination, and the most desirable place to visit in Gyeongsang Province, is the Andong where you can meet the scenery of the beautiful houses with the autumn leaves. In addition to famous places such as Hahoe Village and Doosan Seowon, it is a good place to meet many wonderful scenery that you could not think of when you drive along the Nakdong River.

Jusanji PondJusanji Pond

Gyeongju bulguksa templeGyeongju bulguksa temple


Could feel the climax of the autumn trip, Jeolla-do

The trip to Jeolla-do begins with a trip to the flower garden where the red flowers form a spectacular place before the colored leaves are painted in earnest. The flower pots are famous for Gochang Soununsa temple and Hampyong Yongcheon temple. From mid-September to mid-September, the spectacular view of beautiful red flowers can be seen.

From the end of October to the beginning of November, you can enjoy the foliage of Jeolla-do. You can enjoy the beautiful colors of Jeolla-do. It is also a must-see for the metamorphic choir route.

Recommended autumn travel site in KoreaYeonggwang Bulgapsa temple


Jangsung Baekyangsa templeJangsung Baekyangsa temple

Gochang Seonunsa temple Gochang Seonunsa temple

Damyang metasequoia roadDamyang metasequoia road

Recommended autumn travel site in Korea

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