S. Korea to retain Level 2 social distancing for one more week, consider restricting operations of restaurants, cafes: PM

S. Korea to retain Level 2 social distancing for one more week, consider restricting operations of restaurants, cafes: PM

In order to block the spread of the COVID-19 in the metropolitan area, the government has decided to maintain the second stage of the distancing stage, but strengthen quarantine measures from 0 o’clock on the 30th to midnight on September 6.

During this period, restaurants are allowed only packaging and delivery at night, and franchise cafes prohibit in-store drinks. Indoor sports facilities such as academies, gymnasiums, and billiards halls should be stopped regardless of their size.

The government strengthens quarantine in restaurants, cafes, and indoor sports facilities to block the spread of infection, especially among young people.

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For general restaurants, rest restaurants, and bakeries located in the metropolitan area, only packaging and delivery are allowed from 9 pm to 5 am the next day. In addition, core quarantine rules, such as wearing a mask, managing a list of accessors, and maintaining 2m (at least 1m) between tables in the facility must be followed.

Fines will be imposed for violations of the collective prohibition measures.
If there is a confirmed case while operating in violation of the collective ban, it will also review claims for reimbursement for treatment expenses and quarantine expenses.

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In order to minimize the caring gap, the government recommends that the government and public institutions work from home, and private companies also improve their work patterns to a similar level.

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Visits to nursing hospitals and nursing facilities in the metropolitan area are prohibited in order to minimize external contact among the elderly with a high fatality rate. It is recommended to close the facility for many facilities used by the elderly, such as day and night protection centers and hot shelters.

This measure will affect about 380,000 restaurants and bakeries in the metropolitan area, 63,000 academies, and 28,000 indoor sports facilities.


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