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Seokchonhosu lake cherry blossom festival

The ‘Seokchonhosu Lake Cherry Blossom Festival 2018’ is finally open tomorrow(5th April 2018).

When you visit and explore Seokchonhosu Lake during the festival period, you can see 1,000 king cherry blossom trees bursting with pink blooms along the Seokchonhosu 2.54km.

Seokchonhosu lake cherry blossom festival

Last year, about 8.7 million people visited Seokchonhosu lake and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of cherry blossom trees.

Songpa-gu, Seoul offers a variety of performances during the festival for visitors who visit the lake at Seokchonhosu to see the magnificent cherry blossoms and the 123-story tall Lotte World Tower.

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Seokchonhosu lake cherry blossom festival

On the first day of the festival, from April 5th to 8th, there will be a music festival and concerts at the West lake waterfront stage.

From April 9th to 13th, the stage of young artists presents memorable performances from the East lake central stage.

Seokchonhosu lake cherry blossom festival

This is not the only thing. The East lake central stage will be transformed into a movie theater every day from 7 pm on the first day of the festival and will provide another delight memory for lovers, family and friends.

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In addition, experience events such as calligraphy and cherry blossom candle making are held in the vicinity of Seokchonhosu lake, and night illumination is installed for visitors who visit the night outing.

Seokchonhosu Lake Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual event held at Seokchonhosu Lake area, Seoul. The event normally takes place between early to mid-April, when cherry blossoms beautifully embroider the city. In addition, a variety of performances, exhibitions, and hands-on activities also take place during the festival period.

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