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Seoul City Operates Waterparks and Summer Programs Free of Charge

Seoul City will be operating waterparks in 50 different parks and plazas in 17 districts from July to August, in order to offer residents an opportunity to enjoy playing in the water with their children to endure the scorching heat that will come right after the rainy season.

The hours of operation will differ depending on the place, however from about 10:00 a.m.-12 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. guests will be allowed to enter free of charge.

All the facilities have safety guards, separate shower stalls, and fitting rooms, except the waterscape facilities made for playing in the water. Water quality control is conducted every day for preventing the spread of summer diseases. For healthy use of the waterpark facilities, visitors are required to wear a swimming cap and goggles, as well as take a shower after playing in the water for personal sanitation.

Seoul City Operates Waterparks and Summer Programs Free of Charge

Some places are operated with flexible hours according to weather, facility checks, and other conditions so it is imperative to check whether or not the facility is open before visiting. In addition to the water parks, the city of Seoul will also be operating summer festivals and programs, such as water gun games.

On a tropical night comes, visit Jungnang Camping Forest, World Cup Park, and Oil Tank Culture Park, where visitors can watch movies while enjoying the cool evening breeze.

Jungnang Camping Forest will be operating the Family Cinema from August 8 to 10, where families can enjoy watching movies and listening to music together. At World Cup Park on Fridays and Saturdays between August 2 and 10, visitors can watch movies at 8 p.m. Oil Tank Culture Park will be operating the Forest Theater at from August 9 to 11 8 p.m. at T2 Outdoor Stage.

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Namsan Park and Jungnang Camping Forest will be running Evening Exploration, a program for searching for nocturnal insects. Gyenam Neighborhood Park in Yangcheon-gu and Seoseoul Lake Park will be running Evening Forest Walking for family participants.

For more information and to apply for participation, visit Mountains and Parks of Seoul at (service available in Korea). For other inquiries, call the contact number of each program.

Waterpark Schedule
ParkPeriodHours of OperationContact
1Dream ForestJuly 13-August 1810:00-17:0082-2-2289-4028
2Seoul Botanical GardenJuly 1-August 3111:00-15:4082-2-2104-9731
3Seoul Botanical GardenJuly 1-August 3111:40-16:0082-2-2104-9731
4Gwanaksan Urban Nature ParkJuly 12-August 2510:00-17:0082-2-879-6563
5Children’s Grand ParkJuly 19-August 2512:00-18:0082-2-450-9316
6Deogui Neighborhood ParkJuly 1.-August 2May10:00-17:0082-2-860-3089
7Cheonwang Neighborhood Park(Scheduled for the end of July)10:00-17:0082-2-860-3089
8Geumnarae Jungang ParkMay 7-September 3008:00-19:0082-2-2627-1654
9Doksan-dong Village ParkMay 7-September 3012:00-17:3082-2-2627-1654
10Gaksim Children’s ParkJuly 20-August 1812:00-15:30,  
12:00-16:30 (weekends)
11Gyeongchun Line (Railroad) ForestJuly 13-August 1810:00-17:0082-2-3783-5977
12Gongneung-dong Neighborhood ParkJune 28-August 3112:00-15:30,  
12:00-16:30 (weekends)
13Danggogae ParkJune 28-August 3112:00-15:30,  
12:00-16:30 (weekends)
14Darakwon Sports ParkMay 1-September 3012:00-16:0082-2-2091-3756
15Banghak Sagye ParkJune 22-September 3012:00-17:0082-2-2091-3775
16Boramae ParkMay 1-September 3012:00-17:0082-2-2181-1196
17Boramae ParkJuly 1-August 3112:00-16:0082-2-2181-1196
18Nodeullaru ParkMay 2-September 3012:30-18:0082-2-820-1644
19Noryangjin Neighborhood ParkMay 2-September 3012:30-18:0082-2-820-9845
20Sando 3-dong Village ParkMay 2-September 3012:30-18:0082-2-820-1639
21Haemil Children’s ParkMay 2-September 3012:30-18:0082-2-820-1395
22Oil Tank Culture ParkJuly 30-August 1814:00-20:0082-2-376-8418
23World Cup ParkJuly 1-August 3112:00-17:4082-2-300-5562
24World Cup ParkJuly 1-August 3111:00-17:0082-2-300-5562
25World Cup ParkJuly 30-August 1014:00-20:0082-2-300-5542
26Citizens’ ForestMay 1-September 3012:00-17:0082-2-575-3895
27Kkumnara Children’s ParkJuly 22-August 2512:00-17:3082-2-2241-3682
28Neulpureun Children’s ParkJuly 22-August 2512:00-17:3082-2-2241-3682
29Dongbang Children’s ParkJuly 22-August 2512:00-17:3082-2-2241-3682
30Sanggilrye Culture ParkJuly 22-August 2512:00-17:3082-2-2241-3682
31Munjeong Neighborhood ParkJuly 16-August 2612:00-15:4082-2-2147-3380
32Bangi Station Meeting PlazaJuly 1-August 3012:00-12:30, 
33Samjeon Neighborhood ParkJuly 16-August 2612:00-15:4082-2-2147-3380
34Seokchon Children’s ParkJuly 16-August 2612:00-15:4082-2-2147-3380
35Yeonhwa Neighborhood ParkJune 1-August 3012:00-18:3082-2-2147-3380
36Hanyang Neighborhood ParkJune 1-August 3012:00-18:3082-2-2147-3380
37Seoseoul Lake ParkJuly 1-August 3112:00-16:3082-2-2604-3004
38Hodori Fancy Children’s ParkMay 1-September 3012:00-17:3082-2-2620-3575
39Haenuri Fountain PlazaJuly 20-September 3012:00-17:3082-2-2620-3582
40Sun and Moon Fountain PlazaMay 1-September 3012:00-17:3082-2-2620-3582
41Anyangcheon Ecological ParkJuly 19-August 1810:00-17:0082-2-2620-3592
42Kkotseomgil Village PlazaJuly 27-August 2613:00-16:50, 
11:00-17:50 (weekends)
43Mokhwa Village PlazaJuly 27-August 2613:00-16:50, 
11:00-17:50 (weekends)
44Sinu Children’s ParkJuly 27-August 2613:00-16:50, 
11:00-17:50 (weekends)
45Yeongdeungpo ParkJuly 27-August 2613:00-16:50, 
11:00-17:50 (weekends)
46Wonji Children’s ParkJuly 27-August 2613:00-16:50, 
11:00-17:50 (weekends)
47Hyochang ParkJuly 29-August 1110:00-17:0082-2-2199-7593
48Eungbong Mountain ParkJuly 29-August 1110:00-17:0082-2-2199-7593
49Yongsan Family ParkJuly 29-August 1110:00-17:0082-2-2199-7593
50Jungnang Camping ForestJuly 2-September 111:00-16:4082-2-435-7168
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Source: Seoul Metropolitan Government 

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