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Seoul Extends Transit Service Hours Over Chuseok Holiday

In celebration of the Chuseok holiday, Seoul will be implementing a special transport policy measure during Chuseok to promote the safety and comfort of residents across the city.

Subways and buses will operate later than usual for those returning to Seoul during the late hours of the night. The urban expressway traffic forecast service will also assist in dispersing traffic volume, while the operating hours of bus-only lanes will be extended for the purpose of faster and more convenient traffic flow.

On September 24, the actual day of Chuseok, and September 25, subways and buses will run until 02:00am in anticipation of the majority of people returning home. All nine subway lines, in addition to the Ui-Sinseol Line, are scheduled to operate until 02:00am, based on the arrival time at the final destination. Given that the departure times of the last train vary, depending on respective stations and destinations, it is advisable to check for any notices or announcements at each station in advance.

Seoul Extends Transit Service Hours Over Chuseok Holiday

During the same period, some intercity buses will extend service time until 02:00am as well. The extended service time is applicable to buses with 129 lines, making stops through train stations, including Seoul Station, Yongsan Station, Yeongdeungpo Station, Cheongnyangni Station, and Suseo Station, and four bus terminals, including Seoul Express Bus Terminal, Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, Nambu Bus Terminal, and Sangbong Bus Terminal. The buses will operate until 02:00am based on the arrival time at the final destination of the major train stations and bus terminals. Buses including two or more stops of the stations or terminals will also operate according to final destination time of arrival.

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Owl Buses, nine subway lines, and more than 2,800 night taxis, will be available throughout this holiday season to facilitate a more convenient transportation system in downtown Seoul, even late at night.

It is recommended to refer to Seoul’s big-data driven traffic forecast service prior to planning your route of travel. For more detailed information, such as daily/hourly congestions or the estimated time of travel, please visit the Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service (TOPIS) at

Final Train Operation Hours of Major Stations/Terminals


◆ Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 3)
     ○ Ogeum bound: 01:18am / Suseo bound: 01:45am

     ○ Daehwa bound: 00:40am / Gupabal bound: 01:26am / Apgujeong bound: 01:54am

◆ Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 7)
     ○ Jangam bound: 00:51am / Dobongsan bound: 01:16am / Konkuk Univ. bound: 01:38am / Cheongdam bound: 02:02am

     ○ Bupyeong-gu Office bound: 00:35am / Onsu bound: 01:33am / Sinpung bound: 01:55am / Naebang bound: 02:16am

◆ Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 9)
     ○ Gaehwa bound: 01:15am / Dangsan bound: 01:35am

     ○ Sports Complex bound: 01:33am / Sinnonhyeon bound: 01:53am

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◆ Nambu Bus Terminal Station (Line 3)
     ○ Ogeum bound: 01:23am / Suseo bound: 01:50am

     ○ Daehwa bound: 01:04am / Gupabal bound: 01:21am / Apgujeong bound: 01:49am

◆ Gangbyeon Station (Line 2)
     ○ Inner Circle Line: Seongsu bound: 00:32am / Euljiro 1-ga bound: 00:54am / Hongik Univ. bound: 01:16am / Seoul Nat’l Univ. bound: 01:38am / Samseong bound: 02:00am

     ○ Outer Circle Line: Samseong bound: 00:56am / Sindorim bound: 01:18am / Hongik Univ. bound: 01:40am / Seongsu bound: 02:02am

【Train Stations】

◆ Seoul Station (Line 1)
     ○ Seodongtan bound: 23:05pm / Byeongjeom bound: 23:36pm / Incheon bound: 00:28am

     ○ Soyosan bound: 00:09am / Kwangwoon Univ. bound: 00:51am / Dongmyo bound: 01:48am

◆ Seoul Station (Line 4)
     ○ Oido bound: 23:44pm / Ansan bound: 23:22pm / Geumjeong bound: 00:37am / Sadang bound: 01:44am

     ○ Danggogae bound: 01:23am / Hansung Univ. bound: 01:46am

◆ Cheongnyangni Station (Line 1)
     ○ Seodongtan bound: 22:47pm / Byeongjeom bound: 23:18pm / Incheon bound: 00:09am / Seoul Station bound: 01:42am

     ○ Soyosan bound: 00:28am / Kwangwoon Univ. bound: 01:09am

◆ Suseo Station (Line 3)
     ○ Daehwa bound: 00:19am / Gupabal bound: 01:05am / Apgujeong bound: 01:33am

     ○ Ogeum bound: 01:39am

Source: Seoul Metropolitan Government

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