Seoul Land Larva snow sled

Seoul Land opened its ‘Larva snow sled’ on the 9th December, based on the popular character Larva, which is popular among the public. The Seoul Land Larva snow sled is characterized by its design in various places ranging from the entrance to the top of the snow slope.

You can enjoy the fun of discovering the Larva hidden in various places by visiting the Larva snow sled with the children, and you can present the happy memories to the children with the lava in the background of the accumulated snow.

For the safety and convenience of visitors, the Larva snow sled is divided into a baby slope and a general slope on an area. The slope is 14 degrees for children and 17 degrees for adults, so you can choose the slope to suit your age, making it ideal for families to enjoy together.

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The children’s slopes are accompanied by a guardian, who can enjoy snow sledding with the children. On the adult slope, they can enjoy memories with their loved ones and friends. There are also various shelters and food courts where you can enjoy cold weather, so you can enjoy the winter with your children without forgetting the cold.

In addition, Seoul Land features an indoor playground ‘Best Kids’, a VR (Vertical Reality) facility ‘VR Gate’ and an indoor performance ‘Funny Magic Show’ ‘Nutcracker’, ‘Taekwondo Musical Hon’ and various courses to enjoy.

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Also, Seoul Land is scheduled to perform the ice fishing festival in the city center from the 21st of this month. It has attracted many people with the chance to meet the ice fishing festival in the city. The Seoul Land ice fishing Festival, which is the first theme park to be held in the city center, is made up of a variety of ice fishing areas, ice fishing gardens, and winter-style food.

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