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Seoul, Opening of Completed Deoksugung Stone Wall Path

Seoul, Opening of Completed Deoksugung Stone Wall Path

Seoul began long negotiations with the British Embassy in Seoul in 2014 to complete the disconnected section of the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path for the public’s benefit and is now on the cusp of opening.

The 100m closed section of the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path, stretching from the British Embassy staff dorm entrance to the rear entrance of the embassy building, was opened to the public in August 2017, while the previously left unfinished, 70m section, stretching from the embassy’s rear entrance to the front gate, was successfully completed by the city of Seoul and the Cultural Heritage Administration within a one year and three month period.

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Seoul, Opening of Completed Deoksugung Stone Wall Path

Seoul paved a design on the existing stone wall path from the British Embassy Seoul front gate to Sejong-daero and secured a pedestrian walkway by using bollards complementing the wall, as well as faint landscape lighting for added visibility and ambiance.

The inner sloped paths of Deoksugung Palace transformed into pedestrian deck areas for convenient access to the surroundings, while leveled walkways were paved with dirt. Wooden railings were also installed to disperse the flow of Deoksugung Palace visitors.

The inner pedestrian path of the Deoksugung Stone Wall Path will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and closed on Mondays, so as to coincide with the operation hours of the Deuksugung Palace and to promote the preservation of palace structures.

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A walk along the newly-opened stone wall path will tell of the history of peculiar, old trees planted along the path, as well as the surrounding ancient palace and British architecture that emanate an exotic charm. The completed path is also anticipated to radiate its unique color scheme throughout each of the four seasons.

Source: Seoul Metropolitan Government

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