Seoul Private Professional Photoshoot - Customer Review | HaB

Seoul Private Professional Photoshoot - Customer Review

Who can imagine that engagement photoshoot could be this fun, relaxing, inexpensive, and plus the tour of the chosen place!!! All it takes is two madly in love couple, a naturally beautiful looking venue, and a passionate photographer for these great photos! is a travel company where you can instantly call a snap photographer to capture your travel precious moments. I’m a traveler myself and as I visit a country for the first time, I love going to touristic places and that gave me an idea to just make our engagement shoot together with our sightseeing. A meaningful place too, as we will start our road to forever when we settle to live in this country soon!

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Seoul Private Professional Photoshoot - Customer Review

We purchased 2 for 2 different places in 2 different days, that way we can have our quality time as we add this experience to our memories. Still, a great deal indeed!
After my online research, I was confident that this is just what we need for what we imagine our simple spontaneous looking photos would be like, but turns out even better!

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Thank you for Ms. Joy! She really enjoys her work. She has dedication in giving us great photos. She even did her research in the venue that she knows where exactly are the best spots to take photos, bonus her being a tour guide! That made our shoot relaxing as we enjoy the view as tourists! She cares about us too. She always asks how we are, if we are tired, and even brought an umbrella for us as there was a possibility of raining! But we three are up for anything! I love her way of just letting us do our own thing and she captures it! Like our own paparazzi!

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Seoul Private Professional Photoshoot - Customer Review

Pictures are ready to view after a day! And it’s a lot! Definitely a quality service! Expectedly, pictures are amazingly awesome!!!

Thank you HaB Korea – Have A Ball in Korea. As their motto says “HaB it your way”. We really had it our way! Thank you Ms. Kate & Mr. Daniel Kim (CEO) for the quick response to our inquiries, meeting up with our demands and even suggesting too! Totally referable! I recommend it to anyone who will travel to Korea. Weather for special occasions, or just a regular day…very worth it!

P.S: Thank you for making us your website cover photos instantly! We admire your service, you admire our shots. Appreciated much!

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