Seoul Station Installs Luggage Conveyor Belts for passengers

Seoul Station Installs Luggage Conveyor Belts for passengers

Luggage Conveyor Belts for passengers

KORAIL has announced that it has improved its conveyance belt for passengers to make it easier for passengers to carry their luggage more conveniently by installing a luggage conveyor belt for the luggage at the train link between the train and the subway train lines (subway lines 1 and 4).

Luggage Conveyor Belts - Seoul Station
Luggage Conveyor Belts at Seoul Station

This is the first time a luggage conveyor has been installed in transit passenger trains. Four conveyor belts run up and down, two on each side of the stairway connecting Seoul Station and Seoul Metro Station.

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Seoul Station Convey Belt
Luggage Conveyor Belts at Seoul Station

Among Seoul station passengers, there are many passengers who turn off their carriers while moving between KTX, Airport Railroad, and Seoul subway station.

Yoo Jae-young, acting president of KORAIL, said, “I made a baggage handling system so that passengers with heavy luggage can easily transfer trains and subways.”

In the meantime, there were inconveniences to climb up and downstairs with heavy luggage in order to change trains and trains. In order to improve this, KORAIL introduced the first baggage conveying belt used at the airport to the railway in Korea.

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Seoul Station Convey Belt 01
Luggage Conveyor Belts at Seoul Station

The conveyor belts installed here reflect KORAIL’s customer-oriented design philosophy.

KORAIL, in consultation with the Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs, commenced construction in early June this year and completed installation at the end of July. Since then, they have been monitoring the customer’s usage and supplemented the ramp and sensors to the entrance.

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