Shincheonji the cult donates US$10 Million for COVID-19 Recovery | HaB

Shincheonji the cult donates US$10 Million for COVID-19 Recovery

Shincheonji church, the cult at the center of a rapid increase in coronavirus cases in South Korea said today that it has donated 12 billion won (US$10.1 million) to the country’s battle against the spread of COVID-19.


The church said it made the donation to the Community Chest of Korea, with 10 billion won from its branch in Daegu and 2 billion won from its headquarters. A branch of the Shincheonji cult in the southeastern city of Daegu is thought to be the epicenter of the latest spike in infections. The number of COVID-19 infections in the country reached 5,766 on Thursday.

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“We do feel responsible for the massive number of infections of the virus and do our best to support the government-led disease-control measures with all our resources,” the cult said. “We pray for the quick stabilization of the situation and the recovery of all patients.” Earlier this week, Lee Man-hee, the founder of the homegrown cult, apologized for the spread of the disease and vowed to fully cooperate with government efforts to combat it.

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Shincheonji the cult donates US$10 Million for COVID-19 Recovery

But most of the public, however, is reluctant to the fact that he pretends to be good and donates money that will eventually be confiscated once the case is closed. He may be not the god enough to know that money can’t solve all the wrongs in the world.

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