Spring is coming to Korea!

On the 4th March Sunday, As a cold wave recedes and temperatures rise, there will be rain that urges spring all over the country.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) on the 2nd March, the whole nation is clear on the 3rd March.

Jeju Island is expected to rain from daytime. Estimated rainfall is less than 5 mm in both areas. The lowest temperature in the morning was around 6 degrees Celsius, 0 degrees in Seoul and 2 degrees in Daejeon, and the highest temperature in the day was forecast at 10 to 17 degrees in Seoul 12 degrees and Daejeon 15 degrees.

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Spring is coming to Korea!

The 4th March will be extended to the whole country in the afternoon as the rain starts from daytime on the west coast in the middle of the night due to the influence of the oncoming cyclone in the southwest. The lowest temperature in the morning has risen so much that Seoul is going to be 13 ~ 13 degrees including 8 degrees, and the whole country will show the spring weather, but there are gusts, thunderstorms, lightning strikes.

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An official of the Korea Meteorological Administration said, “This weekend will show higher temperature than normal, but the temperature difference between day and night is expected to be large.”

On the other hand, there was yellow dust storms from northeastern China on the 1st March, but it is unlikely to affect Korea, and fine dust is expected to be ‘normal’ due to smooth diffusion of air.

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