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Studying in Korea

Today we can consider South Korea, especially Seoul, as a “place to be”. Visiting Seoul means discovering modern and futuristic Asia, while keeping an eye on the past and the history of the country. Between museums, landmarks, skyscrapers, and high-tech companies, you won’t know where to turn. So it’s understandable that young people, just like...
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Along with the global explosion of K-pop, the need among global fans to better understand what K-pop artists are singing, saying and writing in Korean has grown significantly. The online edition of American business magazine Forbes highlighted in a recent article that many international fans of K-pop nowadays are turning to “fan translators on social...
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Best KPOP Camp in Korea
KPOP Camp In Korea? I’ll Let You Know! Without a doubt, K-pop has now long become a global trend. Various fans from around the world love Korean singers and listen to their music. Even some of the fans come to their idols’ home country, Korea as they are curious about what it’s like to be...
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