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Summary of noteworthy events at “34th Golden Disc Awards”

The “34th Golden Disc Awards” is a series of events that cause a sensation.

The “34th Golden Disc Awards” is rated as a “perfect awards ceremony in all aspects” thanks to the fairness and unique stages. This event was like a bustling festival with the participation of the singers who have worked actively for the past year and 22 actors featuring as award presenters. The ceremony has become the talk of the town right upon its end and left a deep resonance on the viewers’ hearts thanks to its influence.

Summary of noteworthy events at "34th Golden Disc Awards"

Han Ye Seul’s bold fashion style

After the “34th Golden Disc Awards”, actress Han Ye Seul was on the top of the real-time searched keyword list on portal sites thanks to her unconventional fashion style. She attended this event as a prize presenter of the Popularity Award for the Album category. The actress showed up in an absolutely extraordinary costume. Han Ye Seul donned an off-shoulder dress embroidered with colorful floral patterns. On either side of the dress is a black velvet skirt wrapping around her legs. Besides, Han Ye Seul chose to wear dark blue-tone smoky makeup. Notably, the most striking part of her appearance is a pair of unique colored lenses and a nose piercing. So, not only does the actress share various information on fashion and style via her personal YouTube but she also displays her outstanding fashion sense at awards ceremonies.

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Summary of noteworthy events at "34th Golden Disc Awards"

First official event of Kim Tae Hee, Joo Won

Actress Kim Tae Hee and actor Joo Won chose the “34th Golden Disc Awards” as their first official comeback stage. In particular, this is the first time Kim Tae Hee has appeared on the small screen after getting married and having two babies. She expressed her joy as meeting with fans before the return with a dama after 5 years of absence. Kim Tae Hee wore an off-shoulder dress helping to highlight the line of her neck and minimize the exposure of her body. Even so, she still drew attention with her slim body, elegant manner, and flawless beauty. In addition, actor Joo Won also made his first public appearance after being discharged from the army. He wore a dashing suit that was adorned with leather material. Despite only choosing a simple fashion style, Joo Won still exuded charm from his upgraded masculine beauty.

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Summary of noteworthy events at "34th Golden Disc Awards"

Collaboration of Pengsoo and BTS

Pengsoo of the YouTube channel Giant Peng TV is the “unique” penguin invited to the “Golden Disc Awards”. Deserving the title of a “trending penguin”, Pengsoo has been warmly interested right after appearing at the backstage of the event. Pengsoo’s popularity reminds the public of a real “star of stars”. On the day when the awards ceremony for the album category took place, Pengsoo took the role of the award presenter for the Best OST award. After completing the mission, Pengsoo also performed a dream collab stage with BTS. In front of BTS, Pengsoo showed the choreography prepared carefully earlier. In response, BTS also attentively followed the penguin with passionate eyes. At the end of the performance, Pengsoo and BTS danced the point choreography of “Boy With Luv”. The super adorable combination stage of Pengsoo and BTS has received a warm response from the audience.

Source: JTBC Plus

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