Sunday’s minus 11 degrees in Seoul… It’s coldest this fall | HaB

Sunday’s minus 11 degrees in Seoul… It’s coldest this fall

Today, on Sunday (November 19th), the whole country will be mostly clear, but cold weather will continue in some areas, including snow and rain from the previous day.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) on November 19, the whole country will be largely clear due to the effects of high pressure from the north to the south, but there will be a place where snow till the morning due to the influence of the cloud formed on the west sea. Cold air flows in from the northwestern side and the wind blows strongly and the cold weather continues.

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The lowest expected temperatures in the morning are Seoul-6, Daejeon-5, Gwangju-1, Busan-1, Daegu-3, ​​Chuncheon-9 and Jeju 6.

The highest expected temperatures are Seoul 3 °, Daejeon 5 °, Gwangju 7 °, Busan 9 °, Daegu 7 °, Chuncheon 4 °, Jeju 11 °.

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On that day, the nationwide concentration of micro dust will be “good” or “normal” nationwide as it is predicted that atmospheric diffusion will be smooth and generally show a clean atmosphere.

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