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If you have ever been to Korea or are planning to visit, you may have heard of the area named, Myeong-dong, Seoul. Without a doubt, Myeong-dong is the most famous Seoul’s tourist destination, however, it’s really hard to find proper restaurants (Most of Koreans think this way, I think). I don’t really recommend you to...
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Tourists who come to Korea often think about what to eat which is quite a hard job because of too many choices. For those who want to eat only the delicious foods during their short stay in Seoul, menu selection is a big concern. Korean cuisine is renowned for its spiciness. Among many spicy Korean...
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Korean BBQ is definitely one of the first things that come to mind when planning your trip to South Korea. While there are tons of BBQ joints located all around Seoul, affordable and tasty BBQ buffets are harder to find. Here I recommend you one of my favorite all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurants around Seoul where you...
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