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I read a few blogs and saw great photos of Busan that made me and my friend ended up with a decision to add Busan in our SoKor itinerary. It says there that aside from Seoul, Busan is now gaining attention and sees a steady flow of tourist. Busan is located at the southern regions,...
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Beautiful Destinations in Seoul, South Korea
I am one of those who’s fond of watching K dramas and hmmn K pop. Well, korean artists, korean food, korean merchandise and anything korean were the reasons why we planned a trip to South Korea. We actually booked our plane ticket 8 months beforehand giving us enough time to plan and to save just...
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Nami Island Winter Season
How to go to Nami Island and Petite France Nami Island and Petite France could be the most popular tourist spots for those who visit Korea from overseas. Many travelers and tourists use one of those tour packages from travel agents offer. Korea Photography tour Nami Island and Petite France However, there are always travelers...
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