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Fall Season

The annual Seoul Silver Grass Festival is set to open later this week, offering visitors a chance to take in the golden-brown autumn scene, the city government said Tuesday. Book your Pink Muhly Photoshoot session This year’s festival will take place from Oct. 18-24 at Haneul Park in western Seoul, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Government....
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It’s a perfect autumn day for the picnic. Nothing is so good as maple to smell the autumn. It is difficult to get to the streets of the national park and to get to the foliage in the nearby city. There is Nami Island near Seoul, a suitable place to go for a one-day picnic....
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Korea Fall Season Tour
The autumn foliage that came here first to Mt. Seoraksan and Mt. Odaesan have already reached their peak. Mr. Seoraksan is especially spectacular with its colorful fall foliage. The mountain climbers enjoy the deepening autumn season with eyes and pictures. Beginning last weekend, Mt. Bukhansan, Mt. Naejangsan, and Mt. Jirisan began to color with autumn...
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The autumn season in Korea is between September and November. The weather is cool and crisp, and the sky is blue with few clouds. Koreans refer to autumn as the season of ‘Cheon-go-ma-bi’. The heat of summer still seems to linger in September with the daytime being hot, but the weather is cool in the...
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Mt. Seorak Fall Season Tour
The first foliage for ‘Autumn 2018’ is expected to meet at Mt. Seoraksan on the 27th September. The ‘Kweather’, a private meteorologist, predicted that the first autumn foliage of this year will start from Mt. Seolaksan on the 27th, and the middle part will start in mid-October and the southern part such as Mt. Mudeungsan...
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Top Autumn Destinations in Korea
Korea is still a hot summer, but soon the autumn of the season comes to us. Cool temperatures and colors change from the vibrant greens of summer to a rich palette of red, orange and yellow, signaling the arrival of autumn. Though numerous areas across Korea offer brilliant displays of autumn leaves, the mountains are...
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