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South Korea will come under the direct influence of Typhoon Jangmi, the season’s fifth typhoon, which will bring heavy rain to the country’s southeastern region already hammered by downpours and floods, the state weather agency said Sunday. Formed early Sunday southwest of Okinawa, the tropical storm with a radius of 200 kilometers started to move...
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We begin today again with the record-breaking downpours here in South Korea. Many parts of the central region and the capital Seoul have been slammed with non-stop pouring rain overnight,… leading to road blocks, causing disruptions to morning commuters. The Han River, which runs through the capital Seoul, has swollen as more dams are letting...
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Despite the heavy rainfall in the Seoul Metropolitan Area on Monday, which flooded the entire Han River area, convenience stores in Hangang Park were found to have sustained no damage, thanks to the ‘floating house’ structure that enables them to float on top of the water as it rises. Previously, convenience stores in the park...
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