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The late 1800s and early 1900s is called the enlightenment period in Korea. After the Korea-Japan Unequal Treaty 1876, the Western culture was flowing into the open-air in Korea. At that time, fashion changed a lot, and these fancy and stylish clothes became popular. At that time, Korean people who dressed in western-style clothes were...
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Ikseon-dong, located in Jong-no district, one of the oldest towns in Seoul, is now a booming attraction between locals thanks to its sensuous restaurants and cafes. The neighborhood has already been well known for its 100-year-old Hanok Village, and now with its rising cuisine places, it is regaining fame as the best instagrammable place.  Let’s...
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Have you ever hear of the area named “Ikseondong” in Seoul? Ikseondong has been really popular among young Koreans for several years now. That place is known for a “newtro” area, where old Korean-style buildings and modern buildings co-exist. “Newtro” means a popular trend that has been sweeping throughout South Korea, specified by a reinterpretation...
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