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Seoul Lantern Festival
Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) will hold a ‘Foreigners residing in Korea, [Glocal Free Travel] video clip contest’ for foreigners residing in Korea to discover and promote the charm of local travels hidden in every corner of Korea from the perspective of foreigners view. This contest is open to foreign and international students residing in Korea....
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SBS MTV 'The Show'
On the 27th March live music variety SBS MTV ‘The Show’, B.A.P Him Chan takes on the youngest MC in the place of TRCNG Ho Hyun and cooperates with the existing MC, B.A.P Young Jae and Momoland JooE Previously, Him Chan has been working together with f(x) Luna, Secret Jun Hyoseong and Girls Day Hyeri in...
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How to Find Right Travel Agent in Korea It is not so easy to pick out the best tour/activity products and travel agents that are right for me among the thousands of travel products and travel agencies in Korea. If the corporate culture is settled only as ‘Don’t care quality of travel, just cheap, whatever...
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