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Surreal fields of pink grass are drawing attention, becoming a new tourist attraction in Korea. The weird yet exquisite U.S. native pink muhly grass is emerging as the most-sought-after autumn plant, especially because the ornamental grasses offers stunning visual effects for social media photos. In the wake of the plant’s ever-growing popularity, more local governments...
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Korean school uniform rental
People always create new trend and follow the new trend that talked among people. You have seen a lot of the school uniforms in your favorite Korean dramas. What if you can actually do that in Korea? Yes, you can do that. In fact, Korean School uniforms are much more fashionable than you think. Many Korean celebrities...
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Perhaps you will prepare a lot for your trip to Korea and spend a lot of money. You may be visiting only once in your lifetime or visiting more often than you think. Do we need to think about how to record those moments that are so important? “Photography is a way of feeling, of...
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