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Korean Beauty

Instagram ‘_peach_pit_’, ‘thegloomth’ A new beauty trend emerged as the strongest year-end party makeup hit the SNS for Christmas just a week ahead. On December 15, the UK Daily Metro introduced a cute ‘Heart Cheek Touch’ make-up that will further enhance the loveliness of women. ‘Heart Cheek Touch’ makeup is a simple makeup that most...
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Oh Yeon-seo
Actress Oh Yeon-seo revealed a flawless appearance that she had been doing her job for ten days during the Golden Week holidays. Recently, actress Oh Yeon-seo gave a lively show to her fans through her instagram. Get Booking your own K-Drama private Tour Oh Yeon-seo in the open photo is gazing at the camera with...
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Goo hara's Makeup
Following Korean drama and KPOP song, ‘How to makeup like a Korean’ emerged as the new runner of ‘Global Korean Wave’. Makeup like a Korean woman It is already known that among the Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asian women who came to Korea early on, there was a craze to follow the methods of Korean...
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