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typhoon busan
Typhoon Maysak, expected to hit southern parts of Korea on Wednesday and Thursday, is forecast to intensify into a “very strong” storm late Monday, the weather agency said. According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, as of 9 a.m. Monday, the ninth typhoon of the year was 470 kilometers south of the island of Okinawa, Japan,...
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sunny in Korea
The national weather agency on Monday issued special warnings for heat waves in most parts of Korea, following heavy monsoon rains that caused casualties. The hot and humid southwestern winds joined the North Pacific High, a semipermanent, subtropical anticyclone, around the edges overnight, causing temperatures to rise to tropical levels across Korea, except in some...
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rain in Korea hab korea
Torrential rains that pounded much of the country over the weekend and Monday are expected to continue, putting authorities on high alert to further damage to regions that have already seen significant casualties and property damage. At least six are dead and several are unaccounted for since the rains began, as heavy rain prompted flash...
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heavy rain in busan
With heavy rainfall expected again this week, authorities are on high alert to prevent further damages during the monsoon season, especially down south. The Ministry of the Interior and Safety called an emergency meeting Sunday as the Korea Meteorological Administration forecast torrential rains in Busan, Gangwon Province, and other regions that have yet to recover...
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