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N Seoul Tower

Nami Island in Autumn
NAMSAN BOTANICAL GARDEN Many foreigners who come visit Korea want to take colorful pictures of Korea’s fall. With spring and fall getting shorter and shorter due to the effects of climate change, you can enjoy Korea’s fall for only a few weeks from now. So I decided to introduce a hidden place in Seoul where...
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After resting at the hostel for an hour, off we go to our last stop on our first day exploring Seoul. Our hostel is near Chungmuro station so we just waited at the Exit 2 near Daehan Cinema for the bus that will take us to the N Seoul Tower. Just look for the Namsan...
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Impressive place to visit in Korea, Myeongdong is chosen as the most impressive place 5 years in a row according to [Korea International Visitor Survey 2015]. List of most impressive places when traveling Korea; 35.7 percent of the visitors answered that Myeongdong was the most impressive. Myeong-dong is one of the primary shopping districts in Seoul....
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