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Online KPOP audition

Parksal Company formed a group of beautiful artists with the value of ’empathy beyond languages.’ They looked for one foreign member as the last member. V-Square has held an audition for the Rendezvous project. Around 750 applicants applied for it and Vegas made it through the first round of auditions. We met Vegas in Gangnam...
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V-Square is holding a Fan Vote for the second round of Global K-POP Star Joint Audition. This is the biggest project ever happened with lots of agencies for a foreign member for the K-pop idol group. This will be the last stage for top 19 applicants who want to be a K-Pop Star. Twelve K-POP...
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V-Square- Kpop online audition
Elcin Demirci and Tea Xin Yi, 2 final winners of the A100 Entertainment audition The highly anticipated result for the A100 Entertainment and All-S Entertainment auditions are out! Unfortunately, All-S Entertainment was not able to pick the desired winner. Instead, there were two winners picked out by A100 Entertainment. V-Square is currently in the schedule...
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