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Seoul Hiking

Namsan Dulle-gil Trail Night Hiking 02
Seoul City is set to operate the Namsan Dulle-gil Trail Night Hiking program in which participants can walk along the Namsan Dulle-gil Trail with their families, friends, and loved ones while listening to the commentary on nature and appreciating the nightscape. The Namsan Dulle-gil Trail is a program in response to the difficulty of performing...
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National parks are very rarely within a city, and yet Bukhansan Mountain was designated as the 15th national park of Korea in 1983. With an area of 79.9㎢, it stretches over Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. Bukhansan National Park is divided into two areas with Uiryeong Pass in the middle: Bukhansan Mountain to the south from the...
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The wall, which follows the ridges of Baegak (Bugaksan), Naksan (Naktasan), Namsan (Mongmyeoksan) and Inwangsan, the four main mountains surrounding the center of Seoul, has been constantly managed since its initial construction in 1396. The wall measures between 5 and 8m high and is 18.6km long, and it bears witness to the role played by...
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